Dog Month #MeToo

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November 2017 is the month of the Dog in Chinese astrology. Dog traits are honesty, integrity, and speaking up for the underdog. The truth is sniffed out, and injustice is exposed.

During this Dog month, women have come forward to openly speak about sexual assault, abuse, and harassment. And people believe the women, instead of placing shame and blame for wearing the wrong clothing, saying no when she really meant yes, or other insane justifications.

Tarana Burke started the hashtag #MeToo on Twitter to publicize these experiences and to demonstrate the massive amounts of mysogynist behavior. Millions of women posted, including me, and this is just the beginning of the discussion.

The truth telling during this Dog month gives us a sample of what to anticipate in Dog year 2018. More perpetrators of violence against women will be exposed, and will have to deal with the consequences of their behavior. I so look forward to this upcoming Earth Dog year. You have no idea.

In sisterhood,

Susan Levitt

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2017 Libra New Moon begins Dog Month

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October 19 2017 is a new Moon in Libra. Air sign Libra rules the 7th house of marriage and partnership, so time for balance in relationships. The Sun, new Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter are close together in a stellium bringing Jupiter’s luck, plus the mercurial abilities to communicate well, plan perceptively, and see the big picture during this lunar cycle.

The Sun, new Moon, and Jupiter are opposite Uranus. People could be restless or impatient about goals and life direction. Emotional reactions can show what needs to be healed, or can indicate if an obligation is fulfilled. Contact me for your tarot, astrology, or feng shui consultation for relationship clarity.

This new Moon begins the month of the Metal Dog when honesty, integrity, and loyalty are key. The Metal Dog is especially strong, and not afraid of a fight! Controversial issues are given attention, oppression is exposed, and there’s a general sense of identifying with and fighting for the underdog. Everyone can benefit from Dog’s pragmatic reasoning and sense of fair play. Luck is strongest this lunar month for those born in DogTigerHorse, and Rabbit years and Air signs Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini.

Happy new Moon,


Waning Half Moon

October 13, 2017 § 1 Comment

Waning half Moon in Water sign CANCER.

Half Moons are time for balance.

Focus on home & cleaning house this final week of double Phoenix (Rooster) month.

Phoenix correlates to the Western sign VIRGO.

Get affairs in order for DOG month that starts on LIBRA new Moon Oct 19 2017.

waning half Moon


October 2, 2017 § 4 Comments


October 5 2017 is the annual harvest full Moon, the full Moon closest to Autumn Equinox. This full Moon is in Fire sign Aries. People can be more adventuresome and bold under the influence of fiery, action-oriented Aries. Harvest Moon is time to harvest, or finish projects. But pace yourself. Fine if some projects take all winter to complete. Contact me for your tarot card reading for guidance and insights about career choices, your astrology forecast for fortunate dates to take action, or your feng shui consultation to empower your environment this autumn.

The Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter are in partnership sign Libra. Jupiter adds luck, so as the lunar cycle wanes it’s time to focus on relationships. Venus conjuncts Mars for love and romance, and a new appreciation of loved ones. Venus and Mars trine Pluto for new awareness in relationships. Emotional expression is strong, and ambition is stimulated, with inspiring new ways of applying your creativity.

Venus and Mars square Saturn so relationship breakthroughs, or artistic endeavors, could take time. The Sun and full Moon square Pluto for radical change of old emotional patterns, and to purge things of the past. It’s best to be realistic during this no-nonsense double Phoenix (Rooster) month.

This Harvest Moon brings abundance for all, especially those born in Dragon, Monkey, Rat, and Phoenix years and Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Happy full Moon,



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Autumn Equinox was yesterday as the seasonal wheel turns towards winter — the perfect time to read books!

To learn more about tarot, study the classics. Seek tarot archetypes hidden in the pages. Could an aspect of THE MAGICIAN lurk in Oscar Wilde’s A Picture of Dorian Gray? Or is it THE DEVIL?

THE TOWER seems like the card for Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. But if you read it, you will see how it’s a classic of Romanticism more suited to THE LOVERS than THE TOWER.

THE HANGED MAN is one tarot card that most people have trouble understanding. The novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe explains the many levels of THE HANGED MAN.

To understand the subtle nuances of the minor arcana Water suit of CUPS, read The Diaries Of Anais Nin.

Not one for novels or diaries? Then enjoy short stories! Spend some time with collections of short stories, such as Best Short Stories by Guy de Maupassant. Each of de Maupassant’s stories can relate to a tarot card. Try to match each story with a card.

The modern Italian author Italo Calvino did just that in The Castle of Crossed Destinies. He illustrated the book with two Medieval European tarot decks that create short stories.

To understand the QUEEN OF SWORDS, read Pushkin’s Queen of Spades, perhaps the best short story in world literature, in Alexander Pushkin, Complete Prose Fiction. (Stanford U Press translation.)

It’s obvious which tarot archetype lives in Tolstoy’s short story The Three Hermits.

Stick with the classics. Find the hidden archetypes as your read. You learn about life, and learn how to better read your tarot cards.

Good luck!


Fear of the Death Card #13

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Introduction to Tarot by Susan Levitt

Introduction to Tarot by Susan Levitt

This morning I received a phone call from a woman who was interested in a tarot card reading about a relationship with her friend. They’ve known each other for many years, but the friend was jealous, becoming more and more difficult, and was more of a frenemy than a true friend.

I told her to prepare three questions, or topics, for the cards. Her first question can be about the friendship. Then she told me that she was reluctant because she feared the Death card. I told here that if she did get the Death card, then clearly time to end the friendship! Death. It’s over.

She was surprised it was that easy, and was relieved. Getting the Death card does not mean you will die, but that the situation or circumstance should die.

I told her of my experience with the Death card: during one of the booms here in the San Francisco Bay Area, I was approached to write content for new web sites. I was to interview the CIO to create a flattering profile in support of their company culture and on-line identity. Payment at that time was $10,000 per job because so much money was available.

The Complete Tarot Kit by Susan Levitt

The Complete Tarot Kit by Susan Levitt

Should I do this? I have the skill set, and the money was insane. So I shuffled my tarot cards, laid out a half Moon circle (see page 180 of Introduction To Tarot), and selected one card. I got the Death card! So I thanked the start-ups who contacted me, but told them no.

About six months later, the tech bubble burst and most of the tech companies disappeared. Fortunately, I stayed with my tarot and astrology services instead of becoming a pen for hire. So the Death card is not always a bad card. Sometimes Death is the right answer.

Keep reading your tarot cards,


Capricorn New Moon begins Ox Month

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December 28 2016 is a new Moon in Capricorn. The new Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Pluto are all in Earth sign Capricorn, making this lunar month the time to focus on earthly matters such as health and finances.

Fortunately, the new Moon, Sun, and Mercury make harmonious sextiles with Mars and Neptune in Pisces. The Mars sextiles bring good creative focus, courage, and energy to accomplish tasks. The Neptune sextiles bring increased empathy, and interest in spirituality.

Yet there can be tension due to a cardinal T-square that lasts all of January of Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries, with both Jupiter and Uranus squaring Pluto. This could bring a variety of challenges including suddenly breaking up a relationship, being overly ambitious without preparation, or gambling on the unknown especially during the tail of this risky Fire Money year.


This new Moon begins the month of the Metal Ox. Ox month is the final month of the Chinese lunar year before the next new Moon on January 27, 2017 begins the year of the Fire Phoenix (Rooster).

So apply Ox energy of creating stability, completing projects, and paying attention to
finances. Clean up all clutter, and make your home inviting, to have good feng shui for Chinese New Year.


Please join me on Saturday February 11 2017 for my annual Chinese New Year talk about The Year of the Fire Phoenix (Rooster) from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm at East West Books, 324 Castro Street in Mountain View CA. Fire Phoenix year is a time for healing, rebirth, and transformation. Phoenix
can be brilliant, inspirational, and a fearless visionary, while the element Fire brings strength, passion, and bravery. Learn about Fire Phoenix, and how Phoenix year energy influences you, your family, community, and the world. To reserve tickets, please call East West Books at 650-988-9800 or 800.909.6161. This event sells out every year so reservations are recommended.

To schedule your 2017 Phoenix Year forecast, contact me by phone at 415.642.8019 or email Luck is strongest for the Earth signs Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo plus
the Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces and those born in Ox, Phoenix, Snake, and Rat years.

Happy new Moon,



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