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Info about my 5 books is at https://susanlevitt.com/books.

If you have a question about tarot, astrology, or feng shui you can send it to me at this blog and I’ll post an answer. There’s more info at my web site http://www.susanlevitt.com.

To schedule your tarot card reading, astrology birth charts and forecasts, and feng shui consultation please call me at 415.642.8019 in San Francisco CA or send an email to susan@susanlevitt.com.


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  • Margarita Cannon says:

    Do you consult. I am going to change my front yard from lawn to zero/desert landscape and I wanted to consult re the right feng shui approach.
    Margarit Cannon

    • Susan Levitt says:

      Dear Margarita,

      Concerning your question about changing your lawn to a zero/desert landscape:

      Goodle around to learn about the native plants where you live. Contact your local green landscapers. Go look at zero/desert landscapes to see which ones you like and why.

      I recommend that you do not use cacti because they are spiky and pointy. They are epecially univiting near your entry or close to a walkway.

      If cacti is you main option, use plants with soft round leaves. If you must use plants w/ prickers (i.e. barrel cactus) space them far apart so there’s plenty of room to navigate around them.

      Good luck!

  • JM says:


    I was born during the Chicken hour on a Horse day in a Sheep month and a (water) Pig year. Are there certain items that you’d advise me to wear or to keep in the home for luck? And can you forecast any upcoming changes in my life based on my signs?


    • Susan Levitt says:

      Dear JM,

      You have luck in this Horse year from your Horse and Sheep, and next year Sheep 2015 is even better for both your Sheep and Pig!

      Sheep and Pig appreciate beauty and luxury, so keep your home clean and beautiful. Display a few well-chosen artistic piece of high quality. Splurge on a cashmere blanket, or find a big sale (Chicken good w/ $) for high-thread-count bed sheets. Wear quality jewelry. Quality not quantity. Elegance is key in how you dress.

      For specific details and exact timing for your personal forecast, email me at susan@susanlevitt.com your birth date, place, and exact time so I can cast your one-year forecast. The fee is $300 and details are at http://susanlevitt.com/astrology/astrology-consultations if you scroll down to the 2nd set of boxes.

      I do not know what elements are lucky for you unless I cast your complete astrology chart with your birth time. Good luck!

  • JM says:

    Thanks, Susan!

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