2022 Aries New Moon begins Dragon Lunar Month

March 29, 2022 § Leave a comment

March 31, 2022 is a new Moon in Aries at 11:24 pm PDT. Fire sign Aries rules the 1st house of self-image and self-expression. Aries is a brave pioneer who is ready to act. The new Moon, Sun, and Mercury are in Aries for bold new steps and direct communication this lunar month. Energy is with you to open new doors and make swift progress.

Now is the time to take the initiative. This new Moon begins the lunar month of the Wood Dragon. Dragon is the most powerful sign of the Chinese zodiac, and is considered very fortunate. Wood qualities are boldness, idealism, and enthusiasm. Wood symbolizes growth, especially growth in springtime. In Chinese medicine, Dragon’s natural element is Wood, giving Wood Dragon a double dose of Wood’s imagination, idealism, and luck.

Jupiter conjuncts Neptune in Water sign Pisces to follow your intuition more easily. There’s interest in spirituality, and opportunity for insights about your life path. Contact me for your tarot card reading or astrology chart during these sensitive times.

Venus, Mars, and Saturn are conjunct in Air sign Aquarius to be open to new concepts and methods. Venus brings increased expression of love and creativity. Venus and Mars together are ideal for passion and romance, but tempered by Saturn’s practical considerations. Work will continue to require concentrated effort and discipline. If ambition is erratic, don’t dissipate your energy in too many directions in this Tiger year.

New opportunities are for everyone, and are strongest for Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius and those born in Dragon, Rat, Phoenix (Rooster), and Snake years.

Happy new Moon,

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