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Santa Rat


December 11, 2015 at 2:29 am PT is a new Moon in Sagittarius. Lively Fire sign Sagittarius adds to the light, festive feel this holiday season. The Sun and new Moon sextile Mars, excellent for getting things done. There is a sense of vitality as Mars brings new energy and vivaciousness. People work well together because Mars is in mellow relationship sign Libra. People are in touch with both intellect and emotions.

The Sun and new Moon square Jupiter. But Jupiter squares are lucky because any connection to Jupiter is fortunate. You can see the big picture and get ahead, if that is your goal this month. People feel more spiritual and inspired. They are more benevolent and generous.

But Mars is opposite Uranus, and squares Pluto, that brings two sides. People can be irritable, wanting to escape old duties and responsibilities. The power of Pluto could engage others in a power struggle. Fortunately, the Sun and new Moon tine Uranus in fellow Fire sign Aries. These lucky trines are optimal for engaging in new activities, and making discoveries this month.



This new Moon begins the month of the Earth Rat. Celebratory holiday cheer continues throughout this social Rat month, especially during the tail of this Sheep year. A Rat lunar cycle is a good time to plan, think, and organize. The element Earth concerns practical matters such as finances, health, and career. Engaging new Moon opportunities are strongest for Fire signs Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo and those born in Rat, Dragon, and Monkey years.



Know WHEN and WHAT to expect in the future. Your astrology forecast can predict the exact date of future events. Best time for marriage, to buy or sell a home, move to another location, find love, and launch a business can be determined by your planetary transits. To schedule your 2016 forecast, call me at 415.642.8019 or email susan@susanlevitt.com.



Please join me on full Moon Saturday January 23, 2016 at 1:00 pm for my annual Chinese New Year talk at East West Bookshop in Mountain View, California. Discover how 2016 Fire Monkey energy influences you, your family, community, and the world. Includes your personal fortune for Monkey year, and five elements feng shui tips to welcome magical Monkey! 

I encourage you to purchase your tickets in advance because the event sells outs. Call East West at 650.988.9800 or click here. I look forward to seeing you.


Happy new Moon,


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