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April 4, 2015 at 5:05 am PT is a full Moon eclipse in Libra. Air sign Libra rules the 7th house of partnerships and marriage. Strong relationships will deepen, and weaker ones benefit from bringing to light relationships issues that need to be transformed.

This eclipsed full Moon is opposite the Sun, Mercury and Uranus all in Aries. Subjective full Moon feelings could run counter to a sense of logic. Now might not be best to make decisions that later cannot be changed. Fresh ideas can be inspirational, but perhaps impulsive under the influence of fiery Aries.

Fortunately, Jupiter in Leo trines this Sun, Mercury, and Uranus conjunction. There are opportunities to restore your health, create a new personal style of communicating, and develop more empathy. But Pluto in Capricorn squares the Sun, full Moon, and Uranus bringing a play for power. Self control brings success because past behaviors won’t work. If you’re feeling under pressure, take care of yourself and avoid direct confrontations.

Use these final two weeks of Earth Rabbit month to make amends in relationships and beautify your environment. The new Moon on April 18 begins Metal Dragon month, a time for action not negotiation. More about the white Dragon in my next astrology update.

Happy full Moon,



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