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Christmas tree decorationsThe holidays are here! Be merry, be bright! Time to be social.

But no need to break the bank while entertaining. Instead, try an astrological pot-luck! It provides something for everyone, and creates a communal spirit that brings us all closer. And it’s so very easy because it’s based on your astrology sign:

The WATER signs are PISCES, CANCER, and SCORPIO. They bring the beverages.
PISCES brings sparkling water, champagne, white wines, or light beer.
CANCER brings juices, red wine, and dark ales.
SCORPIO brings the hard stuff, or coffee and teas.

The EARTH signs are VIRGO, CAPRICORN, and TAURUS. They bring the desserts.
VIRGO brings healthy fruit and fruit pies.
CAPRICORN brings cakes and cookies.
TAURUS brings chocolate!

The FIRE signs are SAGITTARIUS, ARIES, and LEO. They bring the main dishes.
SAGITTARIUS brings what cooks fast like shrimp or tofu.
ARIES brings heartier fare like fowl, or grain dishes.
LEO brings meat, or vegan meat substitutes.

The AIR signs are GEMINI, LIBRA, and AQUARIUS. They bring the side dishes.
GEMINI brings salads and veggies.
LIBRA brings chips, dips, and appetizers.
AQUARIUS brings noodles, pasta, rice, or bread.

This is a fun way to learn the astrology signs of your family and friends. The only precaution is that if all your friends are Taurus, you’ll end up with a chocolate party!

Happy holidays!


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