Marriage during Mercury Retrograde

June 27, 2013 § 5 Comments

gay marriage

When selecting a fortunate date for a wedding, people often ask me if it is unfavorable to get married during a Mercury retrograde. The planet Mercury is retrograde for three weeks three times a year, and now Mercury is retrograde in Cancer from June 26 through July 20. The final Mercury retrograde in 2013 will be in Scorpio from October 21 through November 10.

It’s fine to get married during a Mercury retrograde because love and marriage are not particularly mercurial. But if people are traveling to your wedding during a Mercury retrograde cycle, consider adding an extra day for travel. Make sure that no one flies or drives on the day of the wedding, but instead arrives a day early to avoid Mercury retrograde problems such as flight delays, lost luggage, driving hours out of your way, or here in the Bay Area where most weddings are in the wine country — showing up at the wrong winery!

Yesterday on the day of the Mercury retrograde was the defeat of DOMA (defense of marriage act) and of Proposition 8 (Prop hate). Finally gay liberation won! So if planning a wedding or getting married during this June and July Mercury retrograde take the time to be very thorough, don’t get upset if details are miscommunicated like the type of flowers or clothing measurements, and especially double check travel details to and from your wedding destination. Good luck!


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§ 5 Responses to Marriage during Mercury Retrograde

  • joanne says:

    im getting married next year june 23rd mercury is in retrogrande is it ok

    • Susan Levitt says:

      Congrats on your wedding. Marriage is fine during a Mercury retrograde because love and romance are not particularly mercurial. Instead, marriage is ruled by Venus.

      If you’re marrying at a destination wedding, be sure all guests know where it is and can get there on time. If guests are traveling a far distance they should arrive a day early. I see this often where I live in San Francisco with weddings in the Wine Country where people get lost driving — and end up at the wrong winery!

      And do not wait for last minute fittings or place orders for food or flowers too late, and allow extra time for everything especially transport. Mercury retrograde is June 7 to July 1 2014 so many June brides will benefit if they over plan for their wedding during this Mercury retrograde, especially in the Wood Horse year 2014 when it’s easier to ride over the details. Good luck!

  • joanne says:

    oh thank you so much for getting back to me and your comments i feel so much better bless you xx

  • Renee says:

    My fiancé and I are getting married on Sunday 11/10/13. Mercury retrograde is apparent in many aspects of the planning and stress of it all but I believe our union will be a joy-filled one. I am also a Scorpio born 11/3, the day of this year’s solar eclipse. Does this hold any weight as to the significance of this day?
    Blessed Be!

    • Susan Levitt says:

      Dear Renee,
      Congrats on your wedding! Nov 10 is the exact day that Mercury goes direct, so yes there have been some Merc ret problems in the planning and preparation. But your marriage is fine because love & romance are not particularly mercurial. Instead, relationships are under the influence of Venus. Your wedding day is a lucky one. The Moon will be in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces for romance, dreams, and a very magical time! Anything Pisces is fortunate for Scorpio. And it’s a Metal Dragon (white Dragon) day so a karmic day of fate — good for a wedding or serious endeavor. Good luck!

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