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Highlights this week are a lively Fire Rooster (Phoenix) day on Monday to start the week, a Pig party day on Wednesday to enjoy and take it easy, a very fortunate Metal Ox day on Friday to regain balance, and Venus blends with Mars for a sexy Tiger Saturday night!

Mon April 1 is a vibrant Fire Rooster day for energy to start your week. All Rooster days can fortunate in this Snake year because Rooster and Snake are best friends. But today is especially fortunate because the Sun sextiles Jupiter for a positive outlook that leads to success. You can get a lot accomplished, and work well with others to attain your goal. Rooster is a good organizer so now is beneficial to pull together all the details to create a complete picture. Luck is strongest for Rooster, Ox, Dragon, and Snake and during Rooster hours 5 pm – 7 pm.

Tues April 2 is a realistic Earth Dog day to be practical. The Moon blends with Pluto for surprisingly intense gut feelings coupled with the ability to sniff out the truth. Today could be a revealing of secrets so honesty must be maintained. Dog is a champion of fairness, and equal give and take in all interactions so no monkey business! Luck is strongest for the Dog, Rabbit, Tiger, and Horse and during Dog hours 7 pm – 9 pm.

Wed April 3 is a sensuous Earth Pig day for a mid-week break or celebration. Plus the Moon is void of course, meaning that it’s changing signs, so not the time for serious work or duty. The Moon squares Mars so you might want to continue the righteous Dog energy from yesterday. But this is a Rabbit month, and Pig’s best friend is Rabbit (and Sheep). Give up the fight, be peaceful, and just enjoy life. Luck is strongest for Pig, Rabbit, Tiger, and Sheep and during Pig hours 9 pm – 11 pm.

Thurs April 4 is a hard-working Metal Rat day so yesterday’s Pig party is over. No one is in the mood for frivolity because the Moon squares Saturn. You might feel lonely or isolated but know that your changeable moods might not reflect reality. Stay focused on the task at hand, clean up, and get organized. Luck is strongest for Rat, Ox, Dragon, and Monkey and during Rat hours 11 pm – 1 am.

Fri April 5 is a Metal Ox day when good fortune returns! The Moon is in a lucky star sextile to the Sun, Venus, and Mars. You can slow down and be steady, affairs run smoothly, social connections are good, relationships are pleasant, and you are powerful with courage of your convictions. Luck is strongest for Ox, Rat, Snake, and Rooster and during Ox hours 1 am – 3 am.

Sat April 6 is a romantic and emotional Water Tiger day. The Moon blends with Neptune for creativity and inspiration. Plus Venus blends with Mars for sexual attraction, passion, and satisfying partnership. Tonight you can be the life of the party and everyone is in a good mood. This weekend is excellent for artistic expression and enjoying the arts. Luck is strongest for Tiger, Dog, Horse, and Pig and during Tiger hours 3 am – 5 am.

Sun Apr 7 is a double Rabbit day; a profoundly intuitive Water Rabbit day in a creative Wood Rabbit month. The Moon makes a connection to Jupiter for enjoyment and pleasure. Tonight the Moon blends with Mercury for communication of feelings and appreciation of loved ones. Enjoy these pleasant final days of Rabbit month because the new Moon on April 10 begins the month of the Fire Dragon when light springtime energy changes to the Dragon pursuit of power. Luck is strongest for Rabbit, Sheep, Dog, and Pig and during Rabbit hours 5 am – 7 am.

Have a great week!





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Full Moon in Libra

Wednesday March 27 at 2:27 am PDT is a full Moon in the creative partnership sign Libra. Libra loves peace and harmony, and rules the 7th house of marriage in astrology. But this full Moon is opposite the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Uranus all in Aries. Unexpected moods could create problems in relationships, and connections with others could feel unstable. There is a strong desire for emotional contact but hidden tensions could come to light, illuminated by this full Moon.

This intense Water Snake year is about quality, not quantity, when your close intimate relationships matter. Relationship challenges are indications of how you can transform and shed the skins of old patterns of behavior and expectation. Where Libra is in your birth chart indicates what area of your life is influenced by this full Moon. Know that you can call me at 415.642.8019 or send me an email at susan@susanlevitt.com if you are interested in your birth chart or an astrology forecast. Luck for relationship awareness if for everyone, and is most strongly felt by the Air signs Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini and by those born in Dog, Tiger, and Horse years.

Happy full Moon,


March 25 – 31, 2013 The Week in Chinese Astrology

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Highlights this week are a complicated double Rabbit day on Tuesday, a passionate Water Dragon full Moon on Wednesday, followed by a healing double Water Snake day on Thursday.

Mon Mar 25 starts the week with much energy on a dynamic Metal Tiger day. The Metal Tiger, also known as the White Tiger, is strong like a metal weapon. Fortunately, Tiger’s formidable power can be used for good because the Moon trines Pluto for breakthroughs, insights, and advancement. Plus the Moon sextiles Saturn for stability, maturity and to not lose your temper; a short fuse is a classic Tiger trait. Luck is strongest for Tiger, Dog, Horse, and Pig and during Tiger hours 3 am – 5 am.

Tues March 26 is an intuitive and sensitive double Rabbit day; a Metal Rabbit day in a Wood Rabbit month. Try to stay peaceful and be diplomatic under all circumstances because Mars squares Pluto. You can be inspired to achieve, but could experience resistance from others. You can have a promotion in your career – or just as easily your efforts can come to nothing. But do not engage in a war with anyone. In this Snake year, events often occur behind the scenes and you could simply not be aware of hidden factors. Be patient because Mars also sextiles Jupiter for unexpected opportunities especially if you were born in Rabbit, Sheep, Dog, or Pig year.

Wed March 27 is a full Moon on a persuasive and influential Water Dragon day. The Moon is opposite the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Uranus. Time to clear the Air in relationships! Things can be tense, so stick with routine not new Dragon adventures. There is a strong need for emotional contact but avoid drama or unnecessary indulgence at this time. Domestic life may not seem very peaceful making it best to clean up at home. But it will all be over by tomorrow so do not make a commitment during a moment of excitement. Luck is strongest for Dragon, Rat, Snake, and Monkey and during Dragon hours 7 am – 9 am.

Thurs March 28 is a double Water Snake day; a Water Snake day in a Water Snake year. The Sun blends with Venus and Uranus for beauty, art, and luxury – all things that the Snake adores. A perfect day to patch up any relationship problems, or slow down and recover from yesterday’s full Moon challenges. There can be new inspiration and creativity. Plus Mercury trines Saturn for reliable information and solid communication with others. Luck is strongest for Snake, Ox, Monkey, and Phoenix (Rooster) and during Snake hours 9 am – 11 am.

Fri March 29 is Wood Horse day to be active and make a move, but best to for mental ideas and invention than movement in relationships. Mercury sextiles Pluto so good for a short trip or new ways of doing things. But note that the Moon blends with Saturn so you could feel lonely, stuck in a rut, or isolated. Remember that Horse loves the herd so be social tonight and this weekend. Horse times are better when shared with others. Luck is strongest for the Horse, Tiger, Sheep, and Dog and during Horse hours 11 am – 1 pm.

Sat Mar 30 can be a very lovely and artistic Wood Sheep day in this Rabbit month. Sheep and Rabbit are best friends because both of these signs are artistic, peaceful, and kind. So this weekend is for spirituality, romance, and good feelings. The difficulties of the work week are forgotten. Today is very fortunate for feng shui improvements such as fresh flowers, gardening, or prepare a healing and nutritious meal. No need to get to the bottom of things or start any kind of conflict. Luck is strongest for Sheep, Rabbit, Horse, and Pig and during Sheep hours 1 pm – 3 pm.

Sun Mar 31 is Fire Monkey day with lots of action and activity. The Moon squares Mercury, Neptune and Pluto, yet trines the Sun, Venus, and Mars. Stay with art, beauty, and spirituality – not a power struggle with others or false accusations. We are in the thick of Rabbit month when diplomacy is key, not standing out and being different. This may not be to individualist Monkey’s liking, but now is not the day for revolution and big change. It’s OK if goals are not clear or if projects take more time than anticipated. Luck is strongest for the Monkey, Rat, Dragon, and Snake and during Monkey hours 3 pm – 5 pm.

Have a great week!



Snake Year Tips – Especially for Pigs

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green jades

Snake and Pig are opposite signs in Chinese astrology. So Snake year is not considered a fortunate time for Pigs. Snake year began a month ago, and I’ve received emails from concerned people who were born in the year of the Pig. Here is an example of an email from a Pig:

“I learned about you via Chinese Astrology and now follow you on Twitter; I enjoy reading your work! I am a Pig and the Snake year is presenting unique feelings for me. I’ve been scattered, forgetful and irritable- totally out of my character. Do you have any tips to share (gemstones, etc) to increase emotional balance??”

Know that this Water Snake year can be too dreamy, and it’s easy to get lost or confused because the Water Snake is not grounded on earth like the other Snakes. The Earth Snake is naturally very grounded, the Fire and Metal Snakes are focused, and the Wood Snake pursues goals.

A very grounding gemstone for you would be green jade. It’s not too expensive and it’s pretty. Other grounding stones are garnet, jasper, or bloodstone. But they just aren’t as beautiful as jade. Maybe carry a bloodstone with you, and wear jade. Avoid clear quartz that can amplify confused energy.

And when overwhelmed, take a warm bath with a half cup or so of epsom salts. Be sure to submerge your head under the water. Stay for about 15 or 20 minutes in the tub, or until the water loses its heat. You can switch this with a half bottle of hydrogen peroxide. A series of five baths in a row, each evening, should be beneficial. You can add a few drops of organic pure essential oil of lavender for a calming scent.

And good feng shui! Clear out all clutter so you do not have chaos in your home, office, or car.

This Hare month that started a week ago will be better for you. Last month was Tiger month and that can feel like too much aggressive energy for the sensitive Pig. Even though Pig and Tiger are allies, Tiger energy can be a bit much.

Good luck,


March 18 – March 24, 2013 THE WEEK IN CHINESE ASTROLOGY

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Wheel of Chinese Animals

Highlights this week are a waxing half Moon on Tuesday for emotional balance, Spring Equinox on Wednesday when there is equal day and equal night on our planet, and a dedicated Fire Dog day on Thursday to accomplish goals.

Mon Mar 18 can be a very pleasant Water Sheep day in this Rabbit month. Sheep and Rabbit are best friends because both of these signs are artistic, peaceful, and love art and beauty. So start your week with some fortunate feng shui enhancements such as fresh flowers, or prepare a healing and nutritious meal, and be sure to wear your jewelry. Be the peacemaker and diplomat because today is not the time for confrontations. Luck is strongest for Sheep, Rabbit, Horse, and Pig and during Sheep hours 1 pm – 3 pm.

Tues Mar 19 is a waxing half Moon for balance. Today is good for direct communication because the Moon trines both Mercury and Neptune. Plus on this Wood Monkey day you can be clever and quick. Just avoid exaggerating or over playing your hand to convince others to follow your methods. Luck is strongest for the Monkey, Rat, Dragon, and Snake and during Monkey hours 3 pm – 5 pm.

Wed Mar 20 is Spring Equinox at 4:02 am PDT the time of equal day and equal night. Spring officially arrives on this feisty Wood Rooster day when no one wants to be told what to do. The Moon squares both Mars and Uranus so people can be irritable, engage in needless arguments, or respond negatively to whatever is said. So avoid emotional unrest and stay balanced during this special Equinox time. And a Rooster day can fortunate in this Snake year because Rooster and Snake are best friends along with the Ox. Luck is strongest for Rooster, Ox, Dragon, and Snake and during Rooster hours 5 pm – 7 pm.

Thurs Mar 21 is a dedicated Fire Dog day to get things done and accomplish your plans. Team work is good, and you can rely on others for help. Today is also fortunate to focus on health and preparation of balanced meals. Develop an exercise program if you do not already have one. Dogs make good soldiers, can be very disciplined, and work without complaint. Luck is strongest for the Dog, Rabbit, Tiger, and Horse and during Dog hours 7 pm – 9 pm.

Fri Mar 22 is a vivacious Fire Pig day. Mars blends with Uranus for more get up and go than usual on a Pig day. Just don’t be too rash and end up in an accident! Fortunately the Moon trines Venus, Mars, and Uranus for pleasant feelings, social camaraderie, strong physical energy, and unexpected pleasant surprises. Luck is strongest for Pig, Rabbit, Tiger, and Sheep and during Pig hours 9 pm – 11 pm.

Sat Mar 23 is an Earth Rat day when future goals are well balanced with past actions. You can build on the foundation you’ve already established, and make sensible and practical plans that bring rewards. Rat loves the pack so tonight is a fine time for socializing and enjoying good food and drink while networking. Luck is strongest for Rat, Ox, Dragon, and Monkey and during Rat hours 11 pm – 1 am.

Sun Mar 24 is a solid Earth Ox day to stay grounded and work on practical matters such as home improvement or gardening.The Moon is opposite both Neptune and Mercury so your mind could tell you one thing while your heart says the opposite. Or you could experience strange moods, or hyper sensitivity that is not accurate. It can be easy to get confused so avoid making decisions or commitments today. Fortunately the realistic energy of the Earth Ox helps to stay in the real world and not drift off into fantasy, irresponsibility, or escapism through drugs or alcohol. Luck is strongest for Ox, Rat, Snake, and Rooster and during Ox hours 1 am – 3 am.

Interview about Food Favorites in the Year of the Snake

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KQED logo Bay Area Bites

I was interviewed for KQED about food favorites in the year of the Snake. For those who missed this post, here it is again. My interviewer Anna Mindess was born in the year of the Snake, and the charming illustrations are by her Monkey daughter Lila Volkas. I’m born in Sheep year and Hare (Rabbit) month, so my favorite foods are organic fruits and vegetables. This was one fun interview!


I just discovered that I am a Snake. The Chinese Zodiac celebrates the Snake every 12 years and February 10 will kickoff a significant year for all us charmers. I am proud to share my Snake-hood with Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Pablo Picasso, Bob Dylan and Oprah Winfrey.

Having not paid too much attention to my slithery side, I recently turned for some expert advice to San Francisco professional astrologer and author Susan Levitt, who reassured me that the Snake in the Chinese Zodiac is not the evil temptress of the Garden of Eden, but a wise, intuitive and magical creature who appreciates art and beauty, and is the feminine side of the powerful Dragon.

As the Snake sheds its skin, this should be a year of transformation for everyone, she explained, where rewards will be found from looking inward into the world of spirit, instead of focusing on the outer world of material things.

Enlightening information, but as a food writer, my obvious next question to Levitt was how the year of the Snake and the Chinese Zodiac relate to what I eat. In the spirit of fun, Levitt offered me the following descriptions of the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac and their relationship to food.

People born in the Year of the Snake, she said, focus on quality over quantity, and follow the maxim, “less is more.” They are drawn to organic and other fine ingredients, and would rather have one piece of the best dark chocolate than a whole box of cheap chocolate. That characterization totally fits for me and explains the reason I continually have to hide the chocolate in my house from my “Monkey” daughter – read on to find out why.


Restless Monkeys tend to eat erratically and like a lot of candy. So they need to slow down and work against their crazy, candy-eating Monkey tendencies and learn to shop and plan meals.


Conversely, the hardworking Ox is a solid and steady beast. People born in the Year of the Ox appreciate three square meals a day, dinner on the table at 7pm and a nice, dependable bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.


The strong Horse is an athlete and is drawn to trail mix and power bars. People born in the Year of the Horse should make sure to have plenty of fruit and other healthy snacks to keep their energy up.


Some animals in the Chinese Zodiac, Levitt tells me, have similar dining preferences and would enjoy sharing a meal. For example, the Rat is a connoisseur who likes to be the first to try new restaurants. The Dragon loves living large and entertaining at big banquets. This pair of gourmands would have a blast going out to fancy restaurants and impressing others by ordering only the best.


On the whole, the Tiger and the Dog love meat (but of course, Levitt allowed that that there could be a Dog who is a vegetarian as well). The independent Tiger tends to grab food on the go. Perhaps the reliable Dog can influence the Tiger to slow down enough so that they could share a thick, juicy steak together.


Both the Sheep and the Rabbit appreciate the artistic. The social Sheep enjoys selecting fresh fruits and greens from the farmers market. The Rabbit pays attention to the beauty of how food is plated. They could share a salad of fancy greens, especially foraged ones, decorated with edible flowers.


The Rooster is a fussy eater. Levitt advises Roosters that it’s a good time to try out some new tastes. Smart Rooster learns quickly from cookbooks and then can improvise.


And in keeping with its character, Pig loves to feast, especially on comfort foods like ice cream. Those born under the porcine sign tend to overeat, but make good chefs. “They also enjoy their booze,” Levitt tells me. Not surprising to find that Ernest Hemingway, Alfred Hitchcock and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who all seem to savor the pleasures of the table, are all Pigs.

New Moon in Pisces, Hare Month, and Spring Equinox

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moving water


Monday March 11 at 12:51 pm PDT is a new Moon in the spiritual Water sign Pisces. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Neptune are all in Pisces — and that’s a lot of Pisces! Now is the time to follow your intuition, trust what you feel, and be open to new inspiration from your creative imagination. A new Moon is a time for a new beginning making this highly sensitive Pisces new Moon ideal for a spiritual retreat, creative project, or experiences that allow nurturing energy to flow through you.

But so much sensitivity can be challenging of you’re overwhelmed by small matters, or if increased empathy has you feeling like a psychic sponge picking up on the moods of others. This could be a confusing time, especially with Mercury still retrograde in Pisces. Please feel free to call me at 415.642.8019 or send an email to susan@susanlevitt.com for guidance with a private tarot card reading or astrology forecast. I understand Piscean energy because I am a Pisces.


This new Moon begins the month of the Wood Hare. Under Hare’s influence, kindness is more important than material gain. Hare qualities are diplomacy, gentleness, and appreciation of art and beauty. Developing beauty can be easier because this new Moon blends with the planet Venus to bring an easy flow of love, art, and creativity. Time for some feng shui adjustments this month to enhance the beauty of your home because home and personal sanctuary are very important to sensitive Hare. The element Wood is perfect for growth, change, and transformation in springtime.


Equal day and equal night
First the dark and then the light.

Wednesday March 20 at 4:02 am PDT is Spring Equinox, the time of equal day and equal night. Spring officially arrives on this day when the Sun enters the Fire sign Aries to being the new astrological year.

Happy new Moon,


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