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Monday January 14 is DOUBLE DRAGON a Dragon day in a Dragon year. Intuition is heightened, and there is a sense of fate or destiny in your connections with others. You can realize where your power lies, then focus to develop your plans during this Ox month. And the Moon blends with the planet Neptune today, bringing inspirational and enhancing creativity. Neptune is the planet of dreams, and Dragon is the dreamer of the Chinese zodiac.

The new Moon on January 11 at 11:44 am PST began the month of the Water Ox, the final month of this Dragon year. Under the influence of the steady Ox, rewards are found through hard work, patience, and serious dedication. Ox correlates to the western sign Capricorn.

But Dragon is nothing like Ox. Dragon correlates to the western sign Aries, the leader and innovator. So take your Dragon dreams and develop them this month under the influence of the solid Ox. Good luck!


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  • Excellent post! We are currently planning my grandson’s Doljanchi. He was born in the year, month, and hour of the Dragon….only missing the day by a few hours. His other grandmother – who is Korean – feels that this child is beyond special, and not just because she’s his grandmother. I guess that Dragon is very important – he is the 2nd star of the birthday party!

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