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Healthy Nani Loa

Healthy Nani Loa

Monday 10/29/12 will be a FULL MOON. Full Moons are the time to avoid surgery because there is more swelling. Like the sap in tress and tides in the ocean, liquids swell up during the days before, of, and after a full Moon.

Our family dog Nani Loa is an old gal. She was originally scheduled to have 3 teeth pulled yesterday on Friday 10/26. But that date was too close to the full Moon on Monday 10/29. My concern was that Nani’s mouth would swell up over this weekend, and then finally start to drain and heal on Wednesday after Monday’s full Moon. She would probably be better by the weekend.

With lunar cycles in mind, my family was able to reschedule Nani a week sooner on Saturday 10/20. This date was doubly fortunate because the Moon was in Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn whose realm in medical astrology is skin, teeth, and bones.

Nani’s surgery was very successful. She rested on the following Sunday and was fine by Monday — more than one week before the full Moon on 10/29. Nani healed in 2 days, instead of one week, because her operation was planned according to lunar cycles.

Even luckier would be to schedule Nani’s surgery after the full Moon. The waning Moon is better for removing things from the body like teeth or tumors. The waxing Moon (building to full) is better for adding things to the body like a new heart valve or eye lense. But Nani’s teeth had to go sooner than later so waiting was not an option.

Next time you or anyone you know — be it human or animal — is planning surgery of any kind, keep in mind the influence of lunar cycles. If you have any choice about it, schedule close to the new Moon and avoid scheduling close to the full Moon. Good luck!


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§ 2 Responses to DOG SURGERY and the FULL MOON

  • Anna says:

    Dear Susan,
    I wanted to ask for your suggestion in January when its best to undergo a liposurgery? I was thinking sometime in the beginning?
    Thank you so much!

  • Susan Levitt says:

    Dear Anna,

    Thank you for your interest in astrology.

    First, where is your climate? Are you in a warm zone like Arizona or Florida, or where there is snow in winter?
    If snowy, have surgery when it’s easier to heal in late spring or summer.

    For your surgery, you want it during a WANING Moon, meaning after the full Moon, because you will be removing from the body.

    Where on the body?
    You want to avoid the Moon sign that rules that specific body part:
    such as avoid Moon in Sagittarius if removing from upper legs because Sagittarius rules the thighs and hips.

    Libra rules the buttock, and Virgo rules the stomach.
    So avoid Moon in Libra if buttocks are involved, and avoid Moon in Virgo if stomach is involved.

    In January, the full Moon is Jan 1st so you want dates at least a few days after the full Moon!

    Jan 4 could be the soonest after the full Moon, but not recommended because it is way too close to New Years Day.
    But hospital workers might not be at their best. There could be too many colds from holiday revelry.
    On Jan 4 the Moon is in Leo that rules the heart.
    Unless you have heart problems, this date would normally work — but not now so close to New Years.

    Jan 5 & 6 Moon is in Virgo, that can be very good, but not if the stomach is involved because Virgo rules the stomach (& digestion).

    Jan 7 & 8 Moon is in Libra, but not good if the lipo includes the buttocks.

    Jan 9, 10 & 11 Moon is in Scorpio. Scorpio rules sex organs, so not a problem.
    You are not doing vaginal restoration or a hystrectomy.
    But you might feel more emotional when the Moon is in Water sign Scorpio.

    Jan 12 and 13 Moon is in Sagittarius, so not good if the thigh area is involved.

    Sun Jan 14 and Mon 15 are good! Moon is in Capricorn.
    Capricorn rules skin, teeth, and bones. (If skin is removed, then this might apply.)
    And Monday Feb 15 is Dr. King’s birthday. A national holiday can cause distractions for hospital workers when city offices are closed.

    Then wait out the next two weeks.
    The new Moon starts Jan 16, building to the full Moon in 2 weeks, that is good to add to the body — not remove.

    The next cycle of waning Moon to remove will be after the full Moon on Jan 31.

    So starting Feb 5 is good. Feb 5, 6 & 7 Moon is in Scorpio, again might feel emotional.

    Feb 8 & 9 Sagittarius Moon, not good on if thighs are involved.

    Feb 10, 11 & 12 Capricorn Moon. But not if skin is involved with grafting, etc.

    Feb 13 and 14 should be an excellent Moon in Aquarius, but not recommended due to Valentine’s Day distractions on the 14th.

    Maybe Feb 13th, but there’s too much silliness on 14th Valentine’s Day when what you are doing is serious.

    For now, maybe wait a month after the holiday energy when hospital workers are more rested, and consider Feb dates or later.
    (Unless you need to do it in 2017 for insurance purposes.)

    If you need January dates, then Jan 9, 10, or 11 — with Weds Jan 10 & Thurs Jan 11 both being good.

    Jan 14 and Mon 15 are also good, even with Dr. King’s birthday, unless much skin is involved.
    Both Jan 14 & 15 are recommended, unless you just want to avoid Valentine’s Day.

    So see what dates are available for surgery.
    Be sure to have soups and bone broth prepared, and good feng shui for where you will be resting and recovering.

    Let me know if you have another astrology question.

    Good luck,


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