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Healthy Nani Loa

Healthy Nani Loa

Monday 10/29/12 will be a FULL MOON. Full Moons are the time to avoid surgery because there is more swelling. Like the sap in tress and tides in the ocean, liquids swell up during the days before, of, and after a full Moon.

Our family dog Nani Loa is an old gal. She was originally scheduled to have 3 teeth pulled yesterday on Friday 10/26. But that date was too close to the full Moon on Monday 10/29. My concern was that Nani’s mouth would swell up over this weekend, and then finally start to drain and heal on Wednesday after Monday’s full Moon. She would probably be better by the weekend.

With lunar cycles in mind, my family was able to reschedule Nani a week sooner on Saturday 10/20. This date was doubly fortunate because the Moon was in Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn whose realm in medical astrology is skin, teeth, and bones.

Nani’s surgery was very successful. She rested on the following Sunday and was fine by Monday — more than one week before the full Moon on 10/29. Nani healed in 2 days, instead of one week, because her operation was planned according to lunar cycles.

Even luckier would be to schedule Nani’s surgery after the full Moon. The waning Moon is better for removing things from the body like teeth or tumors. The waxing Moon (building to full) is better for adding things to the body like a new heart valve or eye lense. But Nani’s teeth had to go sooner than later so waiting was not an option.

Next time you or anyone you know — be it human or animal — is planning surgery of any kind, keep in mind the influence of lunar cycles. If you have any choice about it, schedule close to the new Moon and avoid scheduling close to the full Moon. Good luck!



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October 29 is a full Moon in the Earth sign Taurus. Sensual Taurus
is ruled by Venus the planet of art, music, romance, and
relationships. All the delights of Mother Earth – especially good
food and drink – are in the realm of Venus. Now is the time to
socialize and show your appreciation of others. Luck is strongest for
the Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn and those born in Snake,
Phoenix, and Ox years.


October 31 is the solar holiday that marks the point between Autumn
Equinox and Winter Solstice. There is increased sensitivity during
this time of death and rebirth. A feng shui tip is to not decorate
with images of death such as skeletons and ghosts, but with images
of abundance like a cornucopia full of fresh vegetables.

Clean your home if it needs weather-proofing before winter. For
those of us in the Bay area, anticipate downpours during the winter
months of this Water Dragon year 2012. Next year Water Snake 2013
will also be rainy and stormy. Click here for my video about what to
anticipate in Water Snake year 2013.


From November 6 to November 26 the planet Mercury will be retrograde
in Sagittarius and back into Scorpio. Sagittarius can be a lot of
fun, so lighten up and be inventive instead of pushing too hard to
advance your projects and initiatives.

Get into the holiday spirit early in this Dragon year because Dragon
loves parties. Just go slowly with your plans because the next new
Moon and full Moon in November are both eclipses. Projects started
during eclipses come to fruition in six months.

Happy full Moon,



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Looking ahead to 2013, here is a video I made about the YEAR of the WATER SNAKE!

Understand the energy of SNAKE year, a time of wisdom, introspection & transformation. Rewards are found in the inner world of spirit, not the outer world of material things.

Thanks for my leucistic python friend Precious who demonstrated that Snakes are gentle and not be feared!


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Monday October 15 is a new Moon in the Air sign Libra. Libra rules the seventh house of marriage and partnership. Time to focus on harmony in relationships, a balanced give and take with others, and honesty in all interactions. If in a partnership it can deepen, and if single now is lucky to look.


This Libran new Moon starts the month of the Metal Dog. Metal qualities are sharp, precise, and clean. Dog qualities are honesty, integrity, and the ability to get the job done. Dog sniffs out the truth so secrets can be revealed, especially in relationships. Now is not the month to fake it til you make it.

Honest assessment and fairness in all endeavors brings rewards, and is most fortunate for the Air signs Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini and those born in Dog, Tiger, and Horse years. The Metal Dog born in 1970 is particularly lucky.

Happy new Moon,


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