Lucky Full Moon in Aquarius

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Muti-cultural Moon for all humanity


The full Moon on August 1 is the first of two full Moons in
August. The next full Moon on August 31 will be a blue Moon in
the sensitive Water sign Pisces.

Wednesday August 1 is a full Moon is in the humanitarian Air sign
Aquarius. Aquarius is innovative, independent, and champions social
change. This full Moon is time to connect with people from all walks
of life, work collaboratively, and appreciate your friendships.
Allow others to be unique and express their individuality.
Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of rebellion and change, so
be open to experiment and to vary your routine. Unexpected
encounters bring new ways of seeing things. Fortunate
surprises can lead to new circumstances, especially for the Air
signs Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra and those born in Tiger,
Horse, and Dog years.


Anticipate good luck in general because this Aquarian Full Moon
trines Jupiter in the mercurial Air sign Gemini. Transits of Jupiter
bring opportunities for expansion and growth. Moon trine
Jupiter brings a pleasant sense of well being. It’s easier to be
generous and giving, and good to see the bigger picture and
get a clear perspective.


Thursday August 2 is the midpoint between Summer Solstice and Autumn
Equinox. In old Europe, this was a gathering time to celebrate the
ripening grains. This gathering was called Lammas, or loaf mass.
Even today, this is an ideal time to celebrate Mother Nature. Enjoy
the good food at local farmer’s markets, and appreciate your circle
of family, friends, and colleagues. On this day, the Moon trines
Mars for more confidence. You can assert yourself, take the
intiative, and support others in what they want to do.

For more information about Mercury retrograde, your personal
astrological chart, or guidance from the tarot contact me at
415.642.8019 or rely to this email.

Happy full Moon,



New Moon in Cancer Begins Fire Sheep Month

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New Moon in Water Sign Cancer

New Moon in Water Sign Cancer


Wednesday July 18 2012 is a new Moon in the sensitive Water sign Cancer. Empathy is naturally stronger, making it easier to connect with your emotions. Follow your intuition, observe signs or symbols in daily activities, and be open to intuitive dreams at night.

Cancer rules the fourth house of family, nurturing, motherhood, home, and roots. Time to get cozy, take care, and give some attention to what’s been neglected in your life. Because Cancer is a Water sign, healing with water at a beach or lakeside, health spa, or baths at home can be transformational.

If traveling, note that Mercury is still retrograde until August 7. Allow more time for lost keys, lost tickets, and other delays.


This new Moon begins the month of the Fire Sheep. Sheep symbolizes love and peace, and is artistic, inspired, and creative. Under Sheep’s gentle influence, it is fortunate to explore your creativity or develop your passion.

Opportunities to heal, refresh, and find beauty are for everyone, and are most deeply felt by the Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces and those born in Sheep, Pig, and Hare years.

Happy new Moon,



July 11, 2012 § 4 Comments

Cute puppy MOCHI born in Water Dragon year 2012. Dogs must be trained and people must be educated for best luck.

I received a letter from a feng shui client inquiring about her luck with a new puppy. I am an animal person so was delighted to blend feng shui principles with our beloved animal companions who so generously share their lives with us:

Hi Susan,
Hope this finds you well. A quick update about my place in Piedmont, CA. I have officially got my promotion on March 2012—you were right about removing my cat litter box to the guest bedroom’s bathroom. Now my foyer looks nice & inviting and my front entrance is fully opened. Recently, I have brought home a shiba inu puppy we named Mochi. She has been getting along very well with my cat. Also, Max (my Monkey man) and I are still together — he helped me to find Mochi and talked about how to take care of her. I am just curious if the puppy is improving my house or relationship energy? Would like to get your input.

EXCELLENT! Dogs are good feng shui. But cats are not, so when you kitty lives to a ripe old age and dies peacefully in her sleep, do not get another cat. But when your dog dies, OK to get another dog. But no more than 2 pets at a time for you!

About your dog: I assume that she a DRAGON because she was born after Chinese New Year in 2012. This dog MUST be very, very tame! In feng shui, people must be educated and dogs must be tamed. Of course the first thing is housebreaking, but do not stop there like many people do. Your dog must sit, stay, and obey other commands. She needs to socialized with both humans and other dogs. Your dog WANTS to do this and it’s your responsibility to tame and train her.

Talking to your dog like she is a human instead of taming her, or spoiling the dog, will cause bad fortune for you. I cannot emphasize this enough. It is not OK for your dog to jump up on visitors when they arrive at your home, no barking out of turn, no urinating when excited, no begging for food from the table — you get the idea.

That does not mean that you have power over your dog in a negative way. My sister and mother know how to train dogs, and I know something about it too, but if you’re not enough of a dog person yet or don’t understand dog obedience — take your puppy to dog training classes. Your dog’s breed is considered a difficult one to tame, so if you have problems then hire a professional dog trainer to come to the house.

I recommend training your dog to do tricks. My sister did that with our family dog, a mid-size hound who is now 15 (Ox 1997) and still in great shape because the dog’s mind was pushed as a puppy to learn handshake, catch, roll over — and at the time I thought it was a non-necessary display of power over an animal. But now I agree that you should train dogs, especially your Dragon dog, to the fullest extent possible.

Little puppy Mochi is compatible with both you and your Monkey man, who I’ve always liked for you. They can create and master dog tricks together. Good luck.

Family dog Nani Loa, age 15, still strong as an OX.

Family dog Nani Loa, age 15, still strong as an OX.

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