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May 27 1937 Golden Gate Bridge opening day. Check out those planes!

Happy 75th birthday Golden Gate Bridge! This part of our world is symbolized by a beautiful Art Deco masterpiece that separates the vast wide ocean from the quiet gentle bay. Construction began January 5 1933, the end of Monkey year, and completed May 27 1937 in the spring of Ox year. 1937 was the year of the FIRE Ox. Golden Gate Bridge is painted a very fiery orange vermillion color “International Orange.”

Bridges are a symbol of transition. They can represent a transitional period in your life when you will be moving on to a new stage. If the bridge is over water, then it suggests that your transition will be an emotional one because Water symbolizes the emotional realm.

Golden Gate Bridge construction began on January 5th, a New Year project, but in Chinese astrology it was still the year of the Water Monkey 1932. A Water year is lucky for a project involving water, and Monkey is clever enough to make it work. This Water Dragon 2012 is a Water year, as is next year 2013 Water Serpent. Feng shui tips for a Water year are at http://www.susanlevitt.com/fengshui-tips.html

The Golden Gate Bridge opening day May 27 1937 was during the month of Gemini, an Air sign ruled by Mercury and fortunate for travel. Golden Gate Bridge is the world’s most photographed bridge, and the world’s most photographed object. And with the steady Ox influence, this bridge is here to stay. Happy 75th birthday!



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Keep the Peace during VENUS RETROGRADE

Keep the Peace during VENUS RETROGRADE

Sunday May 20 is a new Moon eclipse in the exciting, mercurial Air sign Gemini. This new Moon starts a new lighter life cycle with Moon, Sun, and Venus all in effervescent Gemini. Gemini is a very social sign so share your ideas, communicate, network, and brainstorm with others. During Gemini’s cerebral month, it’s easier to learn new skills and grasp abstract concepts. Keep moving forward during this time of fast evolution.

An eclipse is an absence of light when the “shadow” is seen. So really listen to what you tell yourself and others. Think in ways that support you, instead of repeating any negative thought patterns or judgements. Integrity of character is key, not Gemini gossip or chatter, because this new Moon eclipse is followed by a full Moon eclipse in fiery Sagittarius on June 4 when the truth comes to light. The effect of these eclipses, and all planetary activity, is more powerful because it’s the year of the Dragon. Projects and endeavors begun during an eclipse come to fruition in six months.

Love planet Venus is still retrograde in Gemini until June 28. Be careful to not use this powerful eclipse energy for nitpicking in relationships or quarreling over trivial matters.Where Gemini is located in your astrology chart shows which house holds this eclipse, and indicates where to focus. Feel free to call or reply to this email for guidance from tarot or astrology if questions or choices arise.

Happy New Moon,



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Astrology calendars & entrance to recent  Mayan discovery!

Astrology calendars & entrance to recent Mayan discovery!

In May of 2012, archeologist William Saturno discovered ancient murals in Xultun, Guatamala that indicate the Mayans did not plan for the world to end on 12/21/12. Follow this link to a National Geographic video about Saturno’s most recent and amazing discovery:

FENG SHUI: New Broom Sweeps Clean for Spring

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New Broom Sweeps Clean

New Broom Sweeps Clean


Events occur quickly in this Water DRAGON year. It’s easy to let things pile up. But don’t! Clutter = chaos in feng shui. You don’t want to create clutter, only to find yourself drowning in stuff at the end of this Dragon year. You want to ride high and succeed in a Dragon year, not fall because you were unprepared when opportunity knocked — unprepared due to self-created unnecessary chaos from a cluttered and chaotic environment.


If you haven’t done your spring cleaning yet, there’s still time to do it. But if you’ve been cleaning up and keeping organized, then time to clean out your closets. You might be surprised to discover more summer clothing than you knew you owned. No need to buy more when you can use what you already have.

If your closet is too packed, then remove EVERYTHING, give the closet a new coat of paint, then edit as you decide what items to return to your closet, or what gets recycled or donated.

Separate seasonal items, the things you don’t use often like Christmas decorations or crafts projects. Keep them out of sight when not in use. Keep in sight the clothing and accessories that you use most often. Most of us wear only 20% of all the clothing we own, so keep your most used items in easy to reach places in your closets.


In your garage, simplify any mess by arranging like items in the same area. It is so important in feng shui organization to put LIKE THINGS with LIKE THINGS, meaning that all laundry items are in the same place; all toilet paper, paper towels, and other paper products in the same place; all gardening tools, soil, and pots in the same place. Avoid randomly placed stuff in a big garage.

A feng shui client who I saw this weekend lived in a home with so much stuff in her 4-car garage that she couldn’t even park her car in her garage. The garage seemed overly cluttered, even though there wasn’t that much stuff. And you couldn’t easily find anything, even though all the stuff was laid out and clearly visible.


My client loved the LIKE WITH LIKE concept. She organized what was a messy garage into such a lovely space that now she plans on setting up her easel and start painting again in the garage. She now has the open space, and lovely California light when her garage door is open.

Like most garages, her garage walls were barren. In her home, the garage area correlated to the travel area in the Black Hat school of feng shui. So I recommended that she put up travel posters of the places she wanted to go. Hawaii is her favorite place, so adding a couple of travel posters will warm up the garage and offer inspiration every time she drives her car.


Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity. Make your own luck and create your own good fortune by opening the energy flow in your home and workplace. No need to live in chaos with clutter. Appreciate spring cleaning as something you can do for free that is worth the effort for transformation. Good luck!

Full Moon in Scorpio and Venus Retrograde

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Full MOON in Water sign SCORPIO

Full MOON in Water sign SCORPIO


Saturday May 5, 2012 is a full Moon in the passionate, sexual, and very intuitive Water sign Scorpio. Emotions come to the surface as this full Moon shines light on feelings that were hidden or unconscious. Now more than ever, trust your intuition and note where you focus your attention. Be like Scorpio in the form of the Phoenix and fly high inspired by your inner knowing.

The transformational energy of this powerful Scorpio full Moon is felt most strongly by the Water signs Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer. This Scorpio Moon is also excellent for gardening and plant cultivation. Under Scorpio’s influence, sexual energy is intensified and relationships can bond more deeply. Be sure to celebrate and appreciate your loved ones because…


Tuesday May 15 love planet Venus goes retrograde in the mutable, changeable Air sign Gemini. Every year, Venus is retrograde for about 6 weeks. Should a conflict arise, make a big problem a small problem, and make a small problem nonexistent. If there are partnership break-ups during this Venus retrograde, amends can be made after Venus goes direct on June 28.

Happy full Moon,


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