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April 21 is a new Moon in the stable Earth sign Taurus. Moon, Sun, and Jupiter are all in Taurus so use the energy of this steady Taurean Moon to get grounded and catch up. This new Moon make a harmonious grand Earth trine with Mars in analytical Virgo and Pluto in realistic Capricorn. Mars brings increased courage, vigor, and optimism. Pluto’s influence brings depth of perception, gain in wisdom, and more resourcefulness.

This new Moon also starts the month of the Wood Serpent. Take time when needed for introspection and reflection, but the element Wood is about growth, excitement, and accomplishment. And spring is the power season of this Dragon year, so now is not the time for procrastination or delays. In this Serpent month, shed the skin of what holds you back. Springtime is for renewal, so start shedding, release, and embrace your new life cycle. This Taurus new Moon is strongest for the Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn and those born in Serpent, Phoenix, and Ox years.


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