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Triple Dragon on April Fools!

Triple Dragon on April Fools!

Sunday April 1 is a triple Dragon day, one of the luckiest days of the year:

a Dragon day, in Dragon month, during this Dragon year.

The hours of the Dragon are 7 AM – 9 AM, the time of 4 Dragons on April 1.

Perfect for April Fools!

This is very fortunate for everyone, especially for those born in Dragon, Rat, and Monkey years.

If you’ve been hiding your light, here’s the link to my Dragon Year video to get you going:




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Paper shredder not lucky in wealth corner!

Paper shredder not lucky in wealth corner!

In this Water Dragon year 2012, a financial feng shui tip is the importance of no clutter in your home or workplace. If how to handle money is not clear to you, then you definitely must have no clutter hidden, stashed, or hoarded. Money is symbolized by water in feng shui. Money can flow like water in this Water Dragon year — if your home is clean and clutter free.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the wealth corner. In one system of feng shui, the wealth corner is the far left-hand corner from the entry of a room. So picture what is in the far left-hand corner from the entry of each room in your home. Be sure that this wealth corner is not just a pile clutter in any room. And remove anything that obviously is unlucky, like a paper shredder or a kitty litter box.

I did a feng shui consultation for a lovely and loving couple who were stuck with money. In their home office, the second bedroom, a paper shredder was wedged into the wealth corner. In front of that was a kitty litter box!

I recommended that they move their paper shredder under a desk so it is out of sight when not in use. But they found an even better spot on the bottom shelf of a bookcase with doors on the bottom shelves. Over the next few days, they figured out a way to put the kitty box on the outside patio through a large window. Fortunately, their cat was fine with the litter box in a new location.

As soon as their wealth corner changed, they had luck with a great real estate deal. They’d been hemming and hawing for years since the real estate bubble burst in Earth Rat year 2008, occasionally attending an open house or following through with a real estate listing.

This weekend I did feng shui for the magical and gorgeous new home they bought together. It has very good fortune, and is nestled near the top of one of the beautiful hills of San Francisco. The view from a picture window looks out onto much greenery. They can’t believe that they no longer rent and finally bought their first home.

Adding to their good fortune is that one of the couple was born in Phoenix (Rooster) year, Dragon month, Horse day, and Pig hour. All of these animals have good fortune in Dragon year. The other was born in Dog year, which does not generally have favor in a Dragon year. But this Dog was born in Horse month during the hours of the Monkey. This is fortunate, especially Monkey.

In this Water Dragon year, anything can happen and anyone can pop in for a visit at any time. So keep your home tidy, especially your wealth corners. Tidy up BEFORE you leave so you come home to peace. Increase your luck by not living in a mess during this year of the regal Dragon. The choice is yours.

DOUBLE DRAGON: Aries New Moon Starts Wood Dragon Month

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April Wood Dragon Month in Water Dragon Year 2012

April Wood Dragon Month in Water Dragon Year 2012


Thursday March 22 is a new Moon in the Fire sign Aries. Sun, Moon,
Mercury, and Uranus are all in Aries making this time to move forward
with goals and plans because Aries loves action.

And this new Moon begins the month of the Wood Dragon. Under this
double Dragon influence (Dragon month in a Dragon year), exciting
things can happen and events occur quickly.

But note that Mercury is still retrograde until April 4, and we are
not completely out of the Mercury retrograde influence until the new
Moon on April 21. So if delays occur, be innovative and strive for a
bit more patience.

Opportunities for advancement are for everyone, especially the Fire
signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius and those born in Dragon, Monkey,
and Rat year.

Happy new Moon,



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Thursday March 8 is a full Moon in the practical Earth sign Virgo. Four planets are in Earth signs  (Mars is also in Virgo, both Venus and Jupiter are in Taurus, and Pluto  is in Capricorn) so now is an ideal time to address the Earth-plane  realistic matters in your life. This full Moon brings  opportunities to get grounded, problem solve, cleanse and organize your  home or office, and get caught up at work. Start with what needs  attention most, such as take care of yourself, rethink your health  routine, focus on nutrition, or restructure your finances. Do not let  things back up in a Dragon year. Keep up and stay current because…


Monday March 12 communication planet Mercury will be retrograde for three weeks until April 4. From March 12 to March 22, Mercury will be  retrograde in fiery Aries for direct speech, snap judgements, and fast  decisions. This is excellent in a Dragon year to cover much ground. But  from March 23 to April 15, Mercury will be in the Water sign Pisces.  Suddenly, people are more sensitive about what is said or written. So  try to include others and understand their emotions. Mercury returns to dynamic  Aries from April 16 to May 7 to put plans into action, pioneer  new ideas, and ride the wave of success in this Water Dragon year.


March 19 is Spring Equinox, a day for balance now that winter is over. Equal day and equal night, first the dark and then the light! The  Sun enters bold brave Fire sign Aries on Spring Equinox, the beginning  of the astrological solar year. This Equinox, try to carve out a bit of time  to do what is healing and balancing for you; a little more sleep, a long bath, or a nature walk. Feel free to call me at 415.642.8019 or send an email for a tarot card reading or feng shui consultation for Equinox.

Happy full Moon,


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