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The Year of the Water Dragon


Sunday January 22 at 11:39 pm PST was a new Moon in the independent and exciting Air sign Aquarius. Chinese New Year is on the second new Moon after Winter Solstice, and this new Moon began the year of the Dragon! Magical magnificent Dragon is the  most powerful sign of the Chinese zodiac. Anticipate a year that is exciting, creative, and over the top. Dragon’s influence inspires passion, drive, and daring. Dragon year is an excellent time to start a business, get married, have a child, travel the world, or take incredible risks. But results can be drastic: undreamed of success or unrealistic fantasies that crash. Either way, life’s pace is speedy, dynamic, and anything can happen. On a planetary level, expect extreme earth changes such as earthquakes, tidal waves, and volcanic eruptions.


2012 is the year of the Water Dragon. Water is  the most yin/feminine element, but yin is not considered weak in Taoist astrology and feng shui. Water is the most powerful element for it can move around any obstacle in its path without losing its essential nature. Water can, in time, dissolve the hardest mountains. Dragon year is powerful and intense. The volume is turned up, events can occur quickly, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed. In a Water Dragon year, it’s helpful to have a Water room in your home for rest, healing, and retreat. In feng shui, a Water environment is cool and dark, such as a bedroom or bathroom. The ideal Water room is quiet, soft, and restful. Water’s colors are black, blue, and shades of blue like turquoise and azure that bring a sense of calm and peace. Water objects in the home and  office include all types of reflective surfaces including mirrors, glass, and cut crystal. Water is also represented by waterways, rivers, streams, pools, fountains, and aquariums.

Feng shui is important at New Year to welcome  new opportunities. Clean your home as if it is spring cleaning but done now. Move any piece of furniture that has not been moved during the past year to clean behind and below it. Dragon year can be hectic, so don’t start this year with any clutter! Now is the time to get rid of it. If how to handle money is not clear to you, then you definitely must have no clutter hidden, stashed, or hoarded. Money is symbolized by Water in feng shui. Money has a chance to flow like Water this Dragon year if your home is clean and clutter free.


Traditionally in Chinese astrology, the mighty Dragon year brings luck and good fortune. Powerful, mystical, and magical Dragon is the bringer of spring rain, Dragon grants blessings, and is the symbol of power and the Emperor.

But in 2012, the Dragon is still crawling out of the Recession that began in Earth Rat year 2008. So this Dragon year is not the year when the Recession ends, but the year when it is obvious what works and what does not work. In a Dragon year, there is not much middle ground. The time for middle-ground diplomacy was last year Metal Hare 2011. So in this Dragon year, expect extremes in stock markets, fluctuation of prices, and general chaos in all things financial. In Dragon year, it will be Europe’s turn to crash. And it won’t be over until Sheep year 2015.

On a practical note, Dragon year is a time to be more concerned with image. So if a fine garment or new haircut will impress, do it. Go up a  notch with how you dress, your home furnishings, and how you entertain. Nothing  sloppy or grungy in Dragon year will do. Save casual and outdoorsy for Horse year 2014.


RAT –  Rat is smart, sharp, clever, and has  a natural ability to be successful. Finally, Dragon year 2012 is your fortunate year to shine! Although some translations refer to you as mouse, your personality is rarely meek and mousy. Don’t be timid in this Dragon year when good fortune and success can be attained in love, marriage, business, politics, family, and real estate. Rat is a master planner, and events occur quickly in a Dragon year, giving you the pace, action, movement, and breadth to end up with the biggest piece of cheese.

OX –  
Dragon’s values do not match Ox’s values. Honest, strong, reliable Ox is a hard worker with integrity of character. Dragon doesn’t care what integrity is,      unless it can be used to get ahead. So in this Dragon year, it’s best for Ox to be realistic and not tricked into any type of compromising actions, especially with your finances. If you see others living in grand Dragon style, don’t even try to keep up with the show. You start a whole new fortunate life cycle in  Serpent year 2013 when all your good efforts will be rewarded.

Dragon’s dynamic energy will stimulate Tiger and bring lots of  action and diverse activities. Tiger has superb instincts but can be impulsive, so in this Dragon year think before you act. Be like a Tiger on the hunt; silently observe but do not pounce. Now is not the time to follow any new ideas or fantasies. Hold off on any grand gesture or big change. Tiger and Dragon are the two strongest signs so if you feel competition from others this year, try to compromise. Learn from the mistakes of others and be helpful. Stay loyal to those who love you.

HARE  – Dragon year is about power. Hare is an artistic soul, and power is not what motivates you.
Hare prefers to avoid the fray and be a connoisseur who appreciates all  the fine and beautiful things in life. Battling to the top is just not of interest. But the energy and activity of Dragon year can be very beneficial for you if you stay engaged in life and keep an optimistic attitude. New friends and acquaintances can open doors so don’t be shy. If overextended, retreat and rest at home. An excellent year for creativity and inspiration.

DRAGON –  The celestial Dragon T’ien Lung flies through the sky, chasing a pearl that is the sun. Like the celestial Dragon, you born in Dragon year have potential to soar. This is your lucky year so celebrate life whenever you can, get involved, and shine in the spotlight. Life is lived on a grand scale, and you lead the way.You have fresh ideas, high energy, and are raring to go as New Year begins. Take a risk, go for broke, and do not hide your brilliance. Now is your time for accomplishments, recognition, and much progress in business and with family.

ERPENT –  Dragon and Serpent are compatible allies. You are both powerful, focused, and passionate. Extrovert Dragon is yang to your yin. Dragon year brings excitement and much activity, but Serpent is an observer who contemplates before acting. Stay steady, yet be open to new ideas and career opportunities. Travel is fortunate for you this year. You can be peaceful in the eye of the storm if you retreat ocassionally to rest and refresh. You’ll start a whole new life cycle next year in  Serpent year 2013 when you shed your skin and are reborn.

HORSE –  Horse loves life, and does not like to sit on the sidelines and watch the world go by. So Horse enjoys and appreciates the vital energy of Dragon year. But Dragon can bring extreme highs and lows, which can be unsettling for Horse. Dragon is a dreamer and Horse is a doer, so don’t get involved in any sort of      Dragon scheme this year, especially with money. Be more conservative than your usual radical risk-taking Horse self. Avoid too much chaos under the influence of the changeable Dragon, although travel and romance are very favorable.

Dragon brings stimulation and excitement for artistic Sheep. Under Dragon’s glorious influence, Sheep can find happiness, success, and romance. But care must be taken to not overextend, and don’t let Dragon chaos get you frazzled. Dragon year can seem like the time to strike it big, live a grand lifestyle, or indulge in a round-the-world holiday. Instead, use common sense, typical Sheep thoughtful insight, and don’t take any big financial risks. Sheep “eat paper” meaning that spending must be controlled, especially in a Dragon year.

 Dragon and Monkey are best friends so Dragon year is one of your best years ever. Monkey has not had good fortune in a long time, and finally 2012 is your year for fantastic luck, fun and merriment, and much achievement. Monkey’s traits are courage, ability to take action, love of anarchy, and true devotion to even the wildest of schemes. And that kind of  thinking leads to success in a Dragon year! Monkey can hit the jackpot in Dragon year and win big. A very fortunate year for work, health, love, marriage, and children.

PHOENIX (Rooster) –  Anticipate a fantastic year now that Hare year is over. You’ve not had much good fortune in the past three years, but luck is with you in 2012 to improve all areas of your life. The spotlight shines on Phoenix, success is guaranteed, and rewards are harvested. Dragon’s inspirational energy is ideal for your creative mind. Dress in your finest plumage and join the show. An excellent year for marriage. Dragon year brings opportunities for you Phoenix, and next year Serpent 2013 can be even better!

DOG –  Like a real dog, a person born in the Dog year possesses the admirable qualities of loyalty and integrity of character. In all your dealings, including financial, you are truthful and work for the collective good. None of this is true for the Dragon, who is your exact opposite! Dragon dreams, Dog does. Dragon can dazzle      with smoke and mirrors, whereas Dog is practical, realistic, and down to earth. So be cautious in this Dragon year. Maintain your humanist ideals and not get swept up in Dragon materialism. Stay steady, strong, and true.

 PIG –  Pig would rather enjoy life and all of life’s little pleasures instead of chasing status and money —  both of which are highly prized by the Dragon. But Pig still has a great time feasting, celebrating, and enjoying the party in Dragon year. Luck comes Pig’s way, success is achieved at work, love is found or deepens, and Pig enjoys recognition and respect from others. Just be aware that Pig can be gullible, and swindlers are out in force in a Dragon year, so stay sweet and kind, and      nobody’s fool. Travel is enriching and offers delightful discoveries.

Please join me for my Year of the Water Dragon public talks:

Friday afternoon January 27, 1:00 – 2:30 PM
JCCSF Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
3200  California Street, San Francisco CA
Free of charge and  everyone is welcome

Friday evening February 3, 7:30 – 9:00 PM
East West Books
324  Castro Street, Mountain View CA
$10 in advance or $12 at the  door

Happy new Moon and happy New Year,


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