FENG SHUI JANUARY 2012 – Out With The Old

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FENG SHUI JANUARY 2012 - Out With The Old

Happy New Year! Out with the old to make way for new growth!

New Year is a time for a new life cycle. Out with the old and in with the new! But so many of us hang onto old, worn out, and never used things. And this unused old stuff creates clutter. Creating clutter and little messes in your home can create messes in love, in money, in finances, and every other area of your life.

Clutter is the biggest problem that I see when I do feng shui consultations. One of the biggest misconceptions of feng shui is that it’s mostly about rearranging furniture. While feng shui can involve moving your furniture, the number one problem is just too much stuff  — not a chair blocking a room’s entry.

This New Year, give some attention to the feng shui balance of your front door, kitchen, bedroom, and bath. Clean them up to usher in brand new energy and experiences as we move into the New Year:

Front Door
The front door is important in feng shui. This is where energy enters and leaves your house, and is your gateway to the outside world. Your front door is where you welcome friends, arrive from a long commute, or say goodbyes to loved ones. Keep your entrance bright and inviting. Porch lights should be in good working condition, and the front stoop or porch should be swept clean now. Always make sure all the knobs, locks, and hardware work perfectly. If dirty, clean or replace. Any clutter at your doorway or entrance? Now is the time to get rid of it. And if that welcome mat has worn out its welcome, then replace it for the New Year.

Your kitchen is the place to make food, and food is an important part of Chinese medicine. Your stove’s fire can be a representation of the energy in your life. So get cooking! Always keep your stove clean with no grease. Use non-toxic cleaners to keep chemicals away from your food. Try rotating the use of your burners, allowing for an even distribution of opportunity in your life. This New Year, remove kitchen clutter of old or stale food, and all the other kitchen things that you know you won’t ever get around to using in 2012.

Where you sleep has a tremendous impact on your life. Restful sleep is important to health and healing. Your bedroom is a place for sleep and rest, so it’s best that your bedroom is used for rest and sexual activities. You shouldn’t be watching TV, working, or playing music in the bedroom (unless the music is soft and soothing). So keep the clutter out of the bedroom! And no clutter stashed under your bed.

The energy in your bathroom is constantly being washed, flushed, dripped and carried away. You want to keep energy flowing in the bathroom, not blocked by clutter. The bathroom can be the place for collecting all kinds of potions, cosmetics, and toiletries. Take the time to clean out and recycle all the bathroom junk. Then you can add some color to keep your bathroom vibrant and full of life. Also, remember to keep the toilet seat lid closed and keep the bathroom door closed to keep the bathroom energy contained. Yes, men and boys can be taught behavior modification about this one.

Happy New Year!



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Saturday December 24 2011 Christmas Eve is a New Moon in the steady
Earth sign Capricorn. A new Moon brings new energy, so now is
the end of the Mercury retrograde influence. Adding to the good
fortune, on December 25 Jupiter the good luck planet of
opportunities ends a four-month retrograde cycle. Jupiter is in
the artistic Earth sign Taurus making it easier to mix creative
concepts with concrete reality.

This new Moon begins the month of the Metal Ox. Ox is a gentle,
kind soul who is solid, reliable, and hard working. This Ox month
brings opportunities to focus on earthly goals such as taking
good care of your health, eating well, and organizing your
finances. Use this tail of Hare year to gather your energy and
stay balance because one month later, on the new Moon of January
22, starts the year of the Water Dragon, a time for power, passion,
and daring. Luck is with everyone to enjoy the sensuous pleasures
of this holiday season, especially the Earth signs Capricorn,
Taurus, and Virgo and those born in Ox, Serpent, and Phoenix years.

Please join me for my Year of the Water Dragon public talks:

JANUARY 27 Friday afternoon 1:00 - 2:30 PM
JCCSF San Francisco Jewish Community Center
3200 California Street, San Francisco CA
Free of charge and everyone is welcome.

FEBRUARY 3 Friday evening 7:30 - 9:00 PM
East West Books, 324 Castro Street, Mountain View CA
$10 in advance or $12 at the door.

Happy New Moon,



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Saturday December 10 is total eclipse of the Moon. This eclipse can be seen on the Pacific side of North America, over the Pacific Ocean, in Asia, and Europe. Here on the West Coast, the eclipse will be visible about 4:45 AM PST as Earth’s red shadow falls across the big full Moon.

This full Moon is in the exciting and stimulating Air sign Gemini. Curious Gemini loves new ideas, innovative conversations, and unique travels or day trips. But Full Moons increase energy, and an eclipse can bring a veil of confusion, especially during this Mercury retrograde.

So don’t worry if you feel scattered or lose your cell phone, lock your keys in your car, or lose computer connections. Lighten up, have a laugh, and move on — like a true Gemini. Mercury will no longer be retrograde on December 13, and we will be completely clear of any Mercury retrograde influence on the new Moon of December 24.

Luck is with everyone to have a delightful and lively holiday season under Gemini’s effervescent energy, especially the Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius and those born in Horse, Dog, and Tiger years.

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