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Aquarius the Water Bearer




Saturday August 13, 2011 is a full Moon in the freedom-seeking, innovative, inspirational Air sign Aquarius the Water Bearer. Aquarius rules the 11th house of Astrology, the house of friends, groups, and social values. So this full Moon is a time to be social. The wider the scope, the better.  If you network and brainstorm new concepts, put into place after Mercury retrograde ends on August 26.

This full Moon can bring inspiration and insights about group dynamics and your role with others. Full Moon inspriation is especially fortunate for the Air signs Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini and those born in Tiger, Dog, and Horse years.  



This Aquarian full Moon is opposite the Sun, Mercury, and Venu all in Leo. Aquarius is us, Leo is me. Aquarius is mind, Leo is heart. Strive to add your personal creative stamp within the group, contribute to the higher collective, and take the high road. If you experience conflict between reason and feelings, follow the Venusian influence to make peace and create a good time!


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