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New Moon in Leo the Lion

New Moon in Leo the Lion

Saturday July 30 is a new Moon in the dynamic, creative, expressive, passionate, and daring Fire sign Leo the Lion. This new Moon also begins the month of the Fire Monkey. That’s a lot of Fire! And the Sun, Moon, and Venus are all in Leo, making for fun romantic adventures and appreciation of all things beautiful and extravagant. 

Under Monkey’s wily influence, there will be plenty of ideas for new methods and risk taking. Both Leo and Monkey are uninhibited and free to express any way they wish. Friendships and family are important in this Hare year, so look to those you love to collaborate and offer ideas. Anything can happen and everything is possible.

Luck is strongest for the Fire signs Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries and those born in Monkey, Rat, and Dragon years. Just be sure to devote some time to rest and relaxation during this lazy Lion summer, and don’t get too overwhelmed or bite off more than a Lion can chew because the planet Mercury is retrograde from August 2 through August 26. 

Mercury retrograde is not considered the best time for travel, to launch new endeavors, or sign contracts.  Instead, use the retrograde cycle to redo, revise, revisit, and review. Mercury is retrograde in Virgo for one week, then the following two weeks in Leo. Earth sign Virgo rules Mercury, so the first week brings opportunities to get organized, especially with all media, technology, and other communication devices. This time can be very good for organization skills and efficient communication, especially at work.  

On August 8, Mercury enters Fire sign Leo. You might notice a tendency for communications to center on the self. This is fine in small intimate circles, but strive for less drama and more Lion-hearted sharing and caring. Call me at 415.642.8019 or send me an email for a tarot reading or your astrology transits chart for clarity if communication issues arise at this time.


Good Feng Shui Container Gardening

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Those born in Hare year are gentle artistic souls, content to live peacefully in the abundance of nature’s beauty. This summer of Hare year 2011 is the perfect time to beautify your environment with soft lush greenery.

But what to do with an area that is basically just cement? Or a plain cement sidewalk, empty parking area, or any place with disconnected feng shui? Create good feng shui by adding healthy greenery; bring life to barren hard cement.

The Moon is in the Earth sign Taurus this weekend Friday July 22 through Sunday July 24. Greenery does well when planted during an Earth sign Moon: Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. Taurus is the strongest of the Earth signs so luck is with you to garden and plant this weekend.

To begin, determine which plants grow best in your specific micro climate. Simply walk around the block and observe which plants are hardy where your live. Pictured below are plants here in San Francisco CA that do well in the shade; many types of ferns, a flowering New Zealand impatiens, a flowering camellia bush, and ivy.

Lush healthy greenery is good feng shui.

Pictured below is a big container garden on a nice wide cement sidewalk in San Francisco. There is still enough room for me to comfortably walk with the family dog Nani Loa because these containers do not block our movement.

These containers are also an excellent feng shui solution to the heaviness of the cars parked facing the home. Adding this live green barrier separates the cars and the street, and stops headlights from glaring into the home.

Ancient Chinese ginko tree in container garden

The patio containers pictured below are in my back yard in San Francisco. I live in a gorgeous Victorian building, in the Italiante style, one of the old “Painted Ladies” as they are called here. But the patio yard is a huge cement block.

What was once a spooky dead cement area is now lush with ferns (a Boston fern and New Zealand tree fern); a lush Swedish ivy plant that is neither Swedish nor ivy; a Japanese lily that blooms white flowers and is so hardy that it grows along the freeways in California; a large broad-leaf philodendron; and a celadon cymbidium orchid. No plant is spiky like a cactus, and no plant is in bad health.

Spooky dead area now alive with plants

Luck is with you to plant this weekend while the Moon is in earthy Taurus. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, named after the goddess of love, art, and beauty. So now is truly the perfect time to add flowers and soft greenery, and to plant with much love.


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Capricorn the Sea Goat in earlier mythology


Thursday July 14 is a Full Moon in the stable Earth sign Capricorn. Like sister Earth sign Taurus, Capricorn is grounded, pragmatic, and earthy. Capricorn has a reputation for being cold, distant, and all business — but that is not so. Instead, Capricorn has worthy goals and ideals, and can do the work necessary to make dreams a reality. Capricorn correlates to the Chinese astrology sign Ox, who is hardworking, dependable, and ethical.

Under the influence of this Capricorn full Moon, it is fortunate to use the remaining two weeks of this lunar cycle to address Capricorn goals; organize your workplace, organize your finances, and get up-to-date on all practical matters. An Earth sign Moon is also time to focus on health and nutrition, and is perfect for gardening and planting. Gardening is best done during Earth sign and Water sign Moons. Follow me on twitter or Facebook for free daily Moon signs. Luck to stay steady and strong is for all, and is especially powerful for the Earth signs Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo and those born in Ox, Serpent, and Phoenix (Rooster) years.

In astrology, Capricorn rules the 10th house of career and status. If you are wondering about your career path, call me at 415.642.8019 or send me an email to schedule your personal astrology chart. Your individual chart shows guidance, solutions, and opportunities for career advancement, when to change jobs, timing of when to move, and other life events such as marriage and children. You can come to my place on Dolores Street in San Francisco, or we can interpret your astrology chart face-to-face through Skype.

Mercury goes retrograde on August 2 to August 26, which could bring confusion because the month of the the Monkey begins on July 30. Monkey is the wild trickster of the Chinese zodiac, and mixed up with Mercury can bring some unexpected surprises, things getting lost, and increased chaos in general. So get grounded, focused, and organized now, to then enjoy the Mercury retrograde cycle in August as an opportunity to catch up with family and friends during the warmth of summer. Develop intimate relationships and your own charmed circle of friends during this Hare year 2011. In Dragon year 2012, you will need them.


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As the MOON orbits the EARTH, every month the Moon journeys through all 12 signs of the zodiac, passing through each sign for 2 1/2 days (more than two but less than three days). When the Moon nears the end of each sign, the Moon loses the last bit of connection until it moves into the next sign. Moon is void of course occurs during this time of loss of connection. And for us humans and animals, it’s easy to feel unconnected, a bit lost, or without direction. Of course!

The Moon void of course cycle can be a time-out phase bringing you the opportunity to center, release, and balance. It is best to not make big decision, open new doors of opportunity, or initiate new endeavors while Moon is void of course. Moon void of course can last for a few minutes, or for a day or two. Usually, Moon void of course occurs while we are sleeping.

Every lunar month, the Moon travels through all 12 zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. The Moon sign sets the tone, mood, and feeling. By following the lunar rhythm and pattern, it is easier to be in the cosmic flow.

Fire sign Aries Moon is time for independent action and to initiate new projects. Earth sign Taurus Moon is to ground and establish what was started during the Aries Moon. Air sign Gemini Moon is to communicate and spread ideas. Water sign Cancer Moon is time to heal, nurture, and focus on home and family. Then the cycle of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water signs repeats twice more:

Fiery Leo Moon is time to shine and express your creativity; Earth sign Virgo Moon is for health, healing, and service to others. Air sign Libra Moon is for partnerships, marriage, and romance. Water sign Scorpio Moon is for getting to the depth of matters, especially all things emotional and spiritual.

Fire sign Sagittarius Moon is for exploration, adventure, and expansion. Earth sign Capricorn Moon is time to focus on earth-plane concerns such as finances and career; Air sign Aquarius Moon is great to explore new methods and work in groups; Moon in water sign Pisces is for spiritual and emotional development, and to dream.

Initiate new activities during a Fire Moon. During an Earth Moon get grounded, focus on health and food, and address financial concerns. Use an Air sign Moon to network, plan, or address legal matters. Water sign Moons are ideal for intuitive connection, deeper sensitivity, and heightened intuition. The best planting days for gardeners are during the Earth and Water sign Moons. (More on gardening by the Moon in future blogs.)

Right now the Moon is void of course as it leaves Water sign Scorpio to enter Fire sign Sagittarius tomorrow morning. During a Moon void of course, find some time to relax, rest, and take care. Due to the influence of Scorpio on this lunar void cycle, it is easier to understand spiritual insights and release old emotions or resentments.

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