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Wednesday June 1 2011 is a new Moon in the curious, clever, and mischievous Air sign Gemini. New Moons are time for new action, so putting your ideas into action should be perfect for a Gemini Moon. But this new Moon is also an eclipse, the first in a series of eclipses on June 1, June 15, and July 1. An eclipse is an absence of light when the “shadow” is seen, meaning that unconscious behaviors can come to light to be healed and transformed. So events will proceed more slowly than anticipated, especially during this Hare year 2011 when life’s pace is naturally slowed.

Due to Gemini’s changeable and mercurial nature, you could be pulled in many directions. It seems as if everyone is distracted, and it’s a challenge to even make up your mind. Still, enjoy and celebrate Gemini’s lively and inquisitive nature. Do what you like. Take short trips, communicate and network, investigate, and discover new things that challenge or inspire you. Gemini is the sign of the twins so team work, supportive partnerships, and group efforts flow well at this time.

This new Moon has the strongest influence on the Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius and those born in Horse, Dog, and Tiger years.

Happy new Moon!


Feng Shui Gardens in San Francisco: A Lady Bug Adventure

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People always ask me for feng shui landscaping tips because San Francisco is made up of so many micro-climates. To start, get inspiration about what to plant by walking around the block to observe which plants are happy and thriving. That will give you ideas about what plants grow well right where you live. Yes, peony bushes are both lovely and lucky in feng shui, especially in your relationship area, but not if peonies won’t grow where you plant them!

The garden in my yard started out as a bare cement slab. My neighbor James is a gardener, so we went up to the roof and looked at the nighboring gardens for ideas; ferns, especially Australian tree ferns, were the happiest. We added potted plants just to bring some energy back to the yard. We potted up a few friendly ferns, a fast-growing Swedish Ivy, and a couple of jade plants donated by another neighbor Chuck. But this Spring aphids arrived and attacked one big leafy plant, the Swedish Ivy (which is neither Swedish nor Ivy.) Those aphids have good taste and they went for the best plant.

I didn’t want to use bug spray to kill the aphids, so I went to Plant It Earth on Divisadero at Hayes. Lady bugs are sold on a bit of straw wrapped in a mesh bag. 1,500 lady bugs cost $14. The lady bugs peacefully slept in the cool of my refrigerator overnight, and when misted w/ water in the morning they popped right back to life. I let loose 1,500 lady bugs who feasted madly, then copulated in massive bug balls. Aphids were eaten, and the ivy was cleaned out too.

Gardeners complain that released lady bugs just fly away, usually to the neighbor’s yard. What worked is that I released the lady bugs IN THE RAIN so they had no choice but to seek refuse under the leaves (where the aphids are). When the rain stopped, the lady bugs had their beetle orgy in the yard. They could not fly away until the delicate wings under their shells could dry.

When the Sun came out two days later, hundreds of lady bugs lifted their spotted orange wings up high, and stuck out their lacy black underwings to dry. The aphids were gone, the lady bugs didn’t seem to want to leave, so they flew up into the old gnarled ivy and ate lots of bugs in the ivy. The ivy changed from being dark greenish black to being a light lively green, but only where the lady bugs feasted.

So if you try live ladybugs in your garden, release them in the rain, after the rain, or water your garden heavily before release. It’s nice to get closer to plants and nature in this Hare year 2011. Create your peaceful sanctuary now in Hare year so you have a safe retreat and haven for Dragon year 2012.

Tarot Iconography and Book of Kells

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In the morning I often follow along w/ a PBS TV exercise show “Classical Stretch.” It’s just fluid stretching, which is perfect for a Pisces like me.

The next show is a travel program Burt Wolf Travels and Traditions, which I rarely watch but today was his trip was to Ireland so I check it out.

Literature was the topic for most of the show. Also featured was the Book of Kells at Trinity College in Dublin, with a close-up of the famous page with the four apostles of Jesus Christ in composite human and animal forms. And like most things Catholic, I thought HOW PAGAN!

Matthew is a winged man. In tarot this is the element AIR symbolized by SWORDS. In astrology this is the Air sign AQUARIUS.

Mark is a winged lion. In tarot this is the element FIRE symbolized by WANDS . In astrology this is the Fire sign LEO.

Luke is a winged bull. In tarot this is the element EARTH symbolized by PENTACLES. In astrology this is the Earth sign TAURUS.

John is a winged bird, an eagle. In tarot this is the element WATER symbolized by CUPS. In astrology this is the Water sign SCORPIO.

This elemental pattern is on the corners of the Tarot card THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE:

WHEEL of FORTUNE #10 Tarot Card

Symbols of these four elements are in the corners of the THE WORLD # 21 Tarot card n the Rider-Waite deck and THE UNIVERSE # 21 in the Crowley Thoth tarot deck:

THE WORLD # 21 Tarot Card

THE WORLD #21 Tarot Card


Animals & Angel represent the Four Elements

I like this French church in Arles (pictured above) with clear imagery of winged creatures representing the four apostles.

There’s so much more about Christianity overlaying pagan Goddess cultures, but this Book of Kells illumination keeps that magic. And the TV show narrator Burt Wolf seems like his totem is a the wolf. I’m a bird woman in general, a large white swan in particular. More on animals, the sacredness of animals in future blogs.


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LUCKY FENG SHUI for the Color of Your Home

A common Feng Shui question that I’m often asked is, “What color should I paint my home?” Colors have symbolic meaning; white represents purity and cleanliness, blue feels calming and peaceful, red represents fire and passion, yellow is stimulating and joyful.

In Feng Shui, colors are symbolic of the five Taoist elements of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Fire is red or purple, earth is yellow or gold, metal is white or light pastel, water is black or blue, and wood is green.

So let’s say you love the color blue, it’s you favorite color, and you want to symbolically add water because you live in a dry climate, and wonder which shade of blue is best for your home. But before you purchase any paint, take a walk around the block and observe the colors of all the other homes. As you stroll, really note the appearance of the buildings that surround you. Which colors look best, and which colors are not as harmonious with the other homes?

If the other houses are blue, perhaps a vanilla white home would make all the blue homes pop and look better. Or maybe a shade of blue that matches both the lighter and darker blue houses. Be prepared to change your mind if your blue does not work. Your choice for exterior color should look so good that it increases everyone’s property values because of your paint selection!

Spring of this Rabbit year 2011 is a superb time to paint your home. Good luck, and just be sure to make a home color selection that everyone in the neighborhood can enjoy and appreciate.

May 2011 – Water Serpent Month

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By Susan Levitt

The new Moon on Monday May 2 (11:51 PM PDT) began the month of the Water Serpent. Now is the opportunity to shed your winter skin and be transformed! The Serpent is a universal symbol of healing and rebirth. As the Serpent sheds its skin, it is reborn.

Please do not be afraid of Serpent! Serpent embodies mystery and magic, and has a place  of honor in many world traditions. In Chinese astrology, Serpent is the sign of wisdom, healing, and creativity.

This Water Serpent month of May 2011 is time to shed your skin and experience the beauty of nature in springtime. Due to the Water element, it is easier to tune into your emotions, feel deeply, and to appreciate family, friends, and loved ones.

Water attributes are to be in touch with emotions, have powerful intuition, and be highly sensitivity — yet stay strong regardless of obstacles in the path. Water is a yin feminine element, but feminine energy is not considered weak in Chinese astrology. Instead, Water is the most powerful element because it can move around any obstacle in its path without losing its essentail nature. Water can, in time, dissolve the hardest mountains.

This merry month of May is also time for personal creativity. The artists of the Chinese zodiac are Serpent, Sheep, and Hare. So this Serpent month during Hare year is the time to try your hand at creative endeavors. Luck is with you to be reborn, transformed, and to create a new you!

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