2018 Scorpio New Moon begins Pig Month

November 6, 2018 § 1 Comment

water pig


November 7 2018 is a new Moon in Scorpio that sets the tone for this lunar month. Water sign Scorpio rules the astrological 8th house of sex, death, and rebirth making Scorpios compassionate and extremely intuitive.

The new Moon and Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune in Water sign Pisces, bringing strong insights and emotional understanding. Creativity is enhanced, and people are more idealistic. The new Moon and Sun sextile Pluto in Earth sign Capricorn for practical development that can further spiritual growth.

This new Moon begins the lunar month of the Water Pig. Pig is a generous soul with a good heart. The element Water adds kindness and empathy. Pig month is a time of peace making when kind actions are rewarded, and people can work together in harmony. Pig is diplomatic, and can be both giving and forgiving, so use Pig’s magnanimous energy this month to build bridges.

Under the influence of fun and optimistic Pig, let the holidays begin! Pig appreciates a good party and all the fine things in life, especially good food. So eat, drink, be merry, and enjoy community. Venus in Libra trines Mars in Aquarius for festive times and luck in love.

Honest Pig can sometimes be naive, so be sure that no one takes advantage of you this month, especially in financial dealings. If feeling stressed, this Water Pig lunar month is ideal to take a healing vacation, relax, and not work so hard. If traveling, note that…


Traditionally in astrology, Mercury retrograde is a time of miscommunication, technology problems, and items lost or misplaced. But in this Earth Dog year, Mercury retrograde can be a time to follow through, keep your word, and complete projects. Communication planet Mercury is retrograde for three weeks.

November 16 – 30 Mercury is retrograde in Fire sign Sagittarius to move quickly and complete tasks. Use caution to not speak so directly that conflict is created and viewpoints are polarized.

December 1 – 6 Mercury is retrograde in Water sign Scorpio when emotions come to the surface. There can be new intimacy in relationships.

Contact me for your tarot card reading for Pig month, or feng shui consultation to prepare for an abundant Pig year 2019. Luck is strongest for Water signs Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces and those born in Pig, Tiger, Rabbit, and Sheep years.

Happy new Moon,

Susan Levitt


2019 Capricorn Lunar Eclipse in Sheep Month

July 13, 2019 § Leave a comment

white lotus

July 16 2019 is a full Moon eclipse in Capricorn. Earth sign Capricorn rules the 10th house of career, wealth, and status in society. This full Moon eclipse conjuncts Saturn and Pluto bringing attention to finances and career.

What is hidden can come to light during an eclipse, so time to organize finances, especially before Metal Rat year 2020 that will be focused on money, both personal and global finance. Contact me to find where this Capricorn eclipse is in your birth chart with your six month astrology forecast.

The Sun and Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces is a positive influence for relationships to temper Moon conjunct Saturn seriousness, and eclipse with Pluto emotional intensity. There’s increased sensitivity to beauty, people enjoy affection and romance, and have a desire to know more, to dig deeper. Compassion and tenderness are very valued during this Sheep month.

Mercury is still retrograde until July 31. Yet there can be positive forward movement as Mars in Leo trines Jupiter in rulership sign Sagittarius. There’s an easier flow of energy, with a nice blend of Mars ambition with Jupiter confidence and idealism.

Luck is strongest for Earth signs Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo and those born in Snake, Rat, Phoenix (Rooster), and Sheep years.

Happy full Moon,
San Francisco CA

2019 Cancer Eclipse begins Sheep Month

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METAL SHEEP MONTH July 2 -30 2019

July 2 2019 is a new Moon eclipse in Cancer. Water sign Cancer rules the 4th house of family, home, and the importance of nurturing self and others. This new Moon begins the month of the Metal Sheep that’s naturally fortunate in a Pig year.

Sheep is a gentle and artistic soul. The element Metal represents the clean, pristine environment in feng shui. Time to pare down, give away, and refine during Sheep month.

There are two eclipses in July: this new Moon solar eclipse, and on July 11 a full Moon lunar eclipse. Eclipses can bring insights and emotional energy. Contact me for your tarot, astrology, or feng shui consultation during eclipse month.


Mercury is retrograde for three weeks, three times a year. During this Sheep month, Mercury is retrograde in Fire sign Leo and Water sign Cancer.

July 7 – 18 Mercury is retrograde in Leo is when communication is direct. Just slow down if people become too demanding. Mercury conjuncts Mars, newly in Leo, that can bring disputes or reckless reactions but is softened by the influence of peacemaker Sheep.

July 19 – 31 Mercury is retrograde in Cancer when emotions come to the surface to communicate about home and family. Luck is strongest for Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces and those born in Sheep, Horse, Pig, and Rabbit years.

Happy new Moon,


2019 Sagittarius Full Moon in Horse Month

June 14, 2019 § 1 Comment

horse full moon
June 17 2019 is a full Moon in Sagittarius. Fire sign Sagittarius rules the 9th house of exploration, travel, and learning. This full Moon marks the peak of Horse month. Both Sagittarius and Horse are ruled by the element Fire. They like fast forward movement, and stay strong to the truth of their convictions.

The full Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Sagittarius that’s fortunate for everyone. People are in touch with their emotions, and have heightened intuition. Contact me for your tarot card reading or astrology charts for guidance.

Mercury conjuncts Mars in Cancer. The power of Mars is softened by Water sign Cancer. Still, there’s increased mental energy to talk your way to success, or skillfully debate your ideas. It’s good to finish projects as the lunar cycle wanes, especially before Mercury retrograde July 7 – 31.

Saturn conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. The old order of Saturn changes through Pluto transformation. There’s structural change to let go of the past to embrace the new on both a personal and global scale. Horse month energy brings evolutionary change and progress.

Energy builds to Summer Solstice on June 21, the longest day in the northern hemisphere, when Mother Nature is at her fullest. Luck is most influential for Fire signs Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo and those born in Horse, Monkey, and Dragon years.

Happy full Moon,



2019 Gemini New Moon begins Horse Month

May 31, 2019 § 1 Comment

June 3 2019 is a new Moon in Gemini. Air sign Gemini rules the third house of communication, intellect, and ideas. The Sun, new Moon, and Mercury are all in Gemini bringing inspiration for new concepts and plans to put into action this month. Travel, especially short trips, is fortunate to expand your horizons.

This new Moon begins month of the Metal Horse, the powerful war Horse. Metal Horse is focused and can leap over obstacles. There’s not a split between mind and emotions with determined Metal Horse in charge.

The Sun and new Moon are opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is a transit of courage, with a drive for freedom, fast change, and action — all natural Horse traits. But people can overextend, and grandiose plans can run away like a wild Horse if there is lack of accountability.

The Sun, new Moon, and Jupiter square Neptune in Pisces in a mutable T-square. If there’s a gap between ideals and reality, Horse brings common sense and good instincts. Contact me for your tarot, astrology, or feng shui consultation during Horse month when you can cover much ground.

Luck for new discoveries, exploration, and inspiration is for all, especially Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius and those born in Horse, Sheep, Dog, and Tiger years. Tiger is notably fortunate this month.

Happy new Moon,


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May 15, 2019 § 1 Comment



May 18 2019 is a full Moon in Scorpio. Water sign Scorpio rules the 8th house of sex, death, and rebirth. A Scorpio full Moon can be a time of intense emotions and deep perceptions.

Energy is lighter this full Moon because Venus, newly in Taurus, conjuncts Uranus for new excitement, even unexpected events.

Venus also sextiles Mars, newly in Cancer. Close relationships are strengthened, plus it’s a favorable time to create new bonds of friendship. Contact me for your tarot or astrology reading about relationships for a spring breakthrough.

The Sun conjuncts Mercury in Taurus that can bring an overly-personal interpretation of events. Fortunately, the Sun and Mercury trine Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn bringing discipline to investigate, learn about inner workings, and is excellent for new studies.


After the full Moon begins a two-week waning Moon cycle until the next new Moon. The waning Moon is the time to purge and release, making the next two weeks ideal for a thorough spring cleaning.

If you don’t know where to begin, start in the kitchen by recycling or composting old food, herbs, and spices. Then focus on your wardrobe.

These household tasks may seem mundane, but the next few months of summer will be fast paced. The new Moon on June 3 begins active Metal Horse month. And Mercury is retrograde for most of July. Then you’ll appreciate being organized with the most basic and simple things.

This is an Earth Snake month so the more earth-plane and practical the better. Contact me for a feng shui consultation this spring to shed your winter skin.

The wisdom and instinctual knowledge of the Snake during the peak of this Snake month is most powerfully felt by Snake, Dragon, and Monkey. Luck in general and heightened intuition is strongest for Water signs Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer.

Happy full Moon,


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2019 Taurus New Moon begins Snake Month

May 3, 2019 § 1 Comment

fire snake

EARTH SNAKE MONTH May 4 – June 2 2019

May 4 2019 is a new Moon in Earth sign Taurus. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, the best sign for the Moon. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet named for the goddess of love, art and beauty. This lunar month is time to enjoy the beauty and creativity of springtime.

Uranus, the planet of revolution and change, entered Taurus in May 2018 for seven years until July 2025. This springtime starts a new cycle of powerful energy with potential for great transformation. On a global scale, Uranus in Earth sign Taurus indicates climate change crisis, and radical shifts about material resources such as world finances and health.

This new Moon begins Earth Snake month that’s ideal for focusing on earthly matters. There can be a symbolic shedding of the skin with spring cleaning, and a new focus on health and spirituality. To improve your health and well being, contact me for your feng shuiconsultation to clear out the old to make way for the new in this transformative Snake month.

This lunar month is excellent to plan, regroup, and complete projects from the previous active Dragon month. The Sun and new Moon trine Saturn in Capricorn for a realistic viewpoint, discipline, and patience. Mercury conjuncts Uranus bringing stimulating ideas and fresh insights.

Now can be a time to create art and beauty because Snake is an artist of the Chinese zodiac, along with Rabbit and Sheep. Contact me for your tarot cardreading about creative direction, or your six month mid-year astrology forecast.

Luck is strongest for Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn and those born in Snake, Monkey, Phoenix (Rooster), and Ox years.

Happy new Moon,


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2019 Libra Full Moon in Dragon Month

April 16, 2019 § 1 Comment


April 19 2019 is a full Moon in Libra. Air sign Libra rules the 7th house of partnership, so focus is on your most close and intimate connections. Libra is ruled by Venus that brings peace and harmony. And Venus squares Jupiter, a favorable square to do what you enjoy! So relax into this festive Pig year. Eat, drink, and be merry this full Moon weekend.

The Sun conjuncts Uranus for independence and self sufficiency. There’s a desire for exciting new experiences, and to break from habits that feel restrictive. The full Moon is opposite this Sun and Uranus conjunction so if you are restless, now is excellent to make creative change, and to let go of old relationship patterns that don’t allow for freedom of expression.

Communication is good as Mercury conjuncts Venus. There can be kind discussions about love and affection, increased appreciation of art and beauty, and is very positive for business transactions. If there are power struggles as the Sun and full Moon square Pluto, strong forces could indicate that a relationship ends. But Pluto’s purge is a good one, and during this Dragon month, Dragon’s power helps to heal and move on.

Contact me for your relationship compatibility astrology charts, tarot for relationships, or a feng shui consultation to enhance luck in love. Awareness of relationship dynamics is highlighted this full Moon and as the lunar cycle wanes, and is strongest for Air signs Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini and those born in Dragon, Tiger, Rabbit, and Horse years.

Happy full Moon,


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