2018 Taurus New Moon begins Fire Snake Month

May 11, 2018 § 3 Comments


May 15 2018 is a new Moon in Earth sign Taurus. Sensuous Taurus appreciates the finer things in life, and is ruled by Venus, the planet named for the goddess of love, peace, and creativity.

The new Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Uranus are in earthy Taurus to appreciate the beauty and abundance of Mother Earth in springtime. Many planets are in Earth signs including Mars, Saturn, and Pluto in Earth sign Capricorn.

So it’s definitely time to focus on earthly matters of all kinds during this lunar month including health, finances, or career path — along with enjoying life’s earthly pleasures.

Fortunately, lucky trines pave the way! The new Moon and Sun trine Mars and Pluto. Trines with Mars bring true courage to take the initiative, and feelings align with actions. It’s easier to start new projects during this lunar cycle, or apply new energy to completing an old project.

Pluto trines bring powerful energy that’s positive for new growth and transformation. Relationships become more serious, and intimate relationships deepen. It’s easier for self discovery and understanding because…

FIRE SNAKE MONTH May 15 – June 12

This new Moon begins the month of the shamanic Fire Snake. Snake month is time to shed your skin and release the past. Snake’s earthly branch is Fire in Chinese medicine, giving the Fire Snake a double dose of Fire’s passion to burn away all that is no longer wanted, and all that is no longer useful.

Anticipate profound and magical experiences during this Fire Snake month. Contact me for your tarot, astrology, or feng shui consultation during this insightful Fire Snake lunar cycle.

Snake’s wisdom and powers of perception are for all, especially the Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn and those born in Snake, Monkey, Phoenix (Rooster), and Ox years.

Happy new Moon,




2018 Scorpio Full Moon is Peak of Dragon Month

April 26, 2018 § Leave a comment


April 29 2018 is a full Moon in Water sign Scorpio. This full Moon is very fortunate because it conjuncts Jupiter! People feel generous, with increased empathy and compassion. Adding to the general good fortune is this full Moon and Jupiter trine Neptune in Pisces. Intuition and imagination are stimulated for all types of creative and artistic endeavors.

There’s interest in psychic and spiritual ideals, plus sympathy for the underdog that’s in sync with the values of this Dog year. People may feel more sensitive to their environment and the feng shui of their surroundings. Contact me for your tarot, astrology, or feng shui consultation.

To keep life grounded and balanced, the Sun is in Earth sign Taurus. And Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are all in Earth sign Capricorn. Mars conjunct Pluto brings ambition, yet success is achieved through working for the common goal.


There’s a more spiritual focus than material, even with four planets in Earth signs, due to the influence of the Fire Dragon month. Fire Dragon is one of the strongest lunar animal signs who can inspire bravery and the will to take action.

Luck is with you as Dragon’s lunar cycle wanes during the next two weeks. Spiritual insights and emotional transformation are strongest for Water signs Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer and those born in Pig, Rabbit, Sheep, Dragon, and Tiger years.

Happy full Moon,



2018 Aries New Moon starts Fire Dragon Month

April 13, 2018 § 3 Comments


April 15 2018 is a new Moon in Fire sign Aries. The new Moon, Sun, and Uranus are all in Aries making this lunar cycle the time for positive change and a fresh beginning.

This lunar month is excellent to start or launch an idea, product, or business. You can change your routine to clear limitations, and find or refine a form of self expression. Mercury is no longer retrograde for ease with technology, communication, and travel.

Venus in sensual Taurus trines Mars and Pluto for romance, and is favorable for all kinds of social and artistic activities. New relationships are lucky, and for those in a partnership this lunar month is ideal for a second honeymoon. Now can be a very productive time that sets a foundation for future development.


This new Moon begins the month of the powerful Fire Dragon. Energy is high during this Fire Dragon month to take action — and succeed! The Fire qualities of dynamism, passion, and leadership ability are readily expressed though the brilliance of the Fire Dragon.

Dragon’s strong healing influence brings dynamic growth for everyone, especially the Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius and those born in Rat, Dragon, Snake, and Monkey years.

Contact me for your tarot, astrology, or feng shui consultation for this vibrant Fire Dragon month. More information about Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood Dragons is in my book TAOIST ASTROLOGY.

Happy new Moon,



2018 Libra Blue Moon in Rabbit Month

March 29, 2018 § 1 Comment

blue moon


March 31 2018 is a full Moon in Libra that’s a blue Moon, meaning that it’s the second full Moon in one month of the Gregorian calendar.

Air sign Libra rules the 7th house of relationships, partnership, and marriage. Focus in on relationship dynamics, how to bring healing and balance, and to hear and understand both sides. This full Moon is the peak of Rabbit month when diplomacy and loving kindness can create peaceful resolution.


The Sun conjuncts Mercury (retrograde until April 15) for possible miscommunication or a narrow vision. People may prefer to talk, not listen.

Venus conjuncts Uranus for exciting events this weekend, so be social. If partnered, create a
fresh routine. If single, perhaps there’s an unexpected romance.

Mars conjuncts Saturn to stay with established methods at work. More care and discipline may be required to complete tasks. The full Moon, Sun, and Mercury square Mars and Saturn. People may be prone to impatience, and avoid restrictions

Keep focus on relationships, with gratitude for the love that you have, and appreciation of all kinds of connections with others including animals. Contact me for your tarot card reading, astrology charts, or feng shui consultation to enhance your relationships.

Luck is strongest for the Air signs Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini and those born in Dog, Tiger, Rabbit, and Horse years.

Happy full Moon,



2018 Pisces New Moon begins Rabbit Month

March 15, 2018 § 1 Comment

rabbits enjoyNEW MOON in PISCES

March 17 2018 is a new Moon in Pisces. Water sign Pisces rules the twelfth house of intuition and dreams. The influence of Pisces can increase kindness, bring understanding to relationships, and enhance awareness of subconscious responses.

The new Moon and Sun trine Jupiter making this a very fortunate lunar cycle when creativity is strong, there is empathy for the welfare of others, and branching out to new experiences brings rewards.

The new Moon and Sun square Mars so people could be irritable with delays in the Piscean flow. Ego disputes find solutions if working for the group in this Dog year, not just for oneself. Plus Mercury and Venus are in Fire sign Aries for very direct speech. So remember to be diplomatic, a natural Rabbit trait, because…

WOOD RABBIT MONTH March 17 – April 14

This new Moon begins the month of the Wood Rabbit. Gentle Rabbit brings a calming and beneficial energy for peace, gentleness, and tending the soul. Rabbit month is time for pleasure, family gatherings, and entertainment. Rabbit is artistic, so people appreciate the arts, gourmet food, and luxuries.

Rabbit month is lucky in this Dog year because Rabbit and Dog are strong allies. The element Wood brings optimism for growth in springtime, new life, and expansion.


March 20 marks the point of equal day and equal night. A new life cycle begins as winter becomes the past, and spring brings new opportunities. Contact me for your tarot, astrology, or feng shui consultation for spring. Luck is strongest for the Water signs Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio and those born in Rabbit, Sheep, Dog, and Pig years.

MERCURY RETROGRADE March 22 – April 15

Traditionally in astrology, Mercury retrograde is a time of miscommunication, technology problems, and items lost or misplaced. But in Dog year, Mercury retrograde can be ideal to follow through, keep your word, and complete projects.

Mercury is retrograde in Fire sign Aries for strong communication and taking action. Fire brings energy and passion, so any impulsive or snap decisions can be corrected at a later time. We feel the Mercury retrograde influence until the new Moon on April 15, the exact day Mercury goes direct, that begins the next lunar month of the Fire Dragon.

Happy new Moon,



2018 Virgo Full Moon and Earth Dog

February 27, 2018 § Leave a comment


March 1st 2018 is a full Moon in Virgo. Virgo is an Earth sign that rules the 6th house of health, healing, work, and service. Time to start, or continue, to tend body, mind, and spirit during this Virgo lunar phase. Then continue throughout this Earth Dog year. After two Fire years, 2016 Fire Monkey and 2017 Fire Phoenix (Rooster) are two Earth years, 2018 Earth Dog then 2019 Earth Pig.

The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Neptune are all in Water sign Pisces. People wear their heart on their sleeve with honest expression of emotions. No planets are in Air signs so it’s easier to feel your way, not think your way, through life. Contact me to validate your plans with a tarot, astrology, or feng shui consultation.

Mercury conjuncts Venus and trines Jupiter bringing inspiration, optimism, and new creative ideas. You can see the big picture, plan for Dog year, and perhaps enjoy a fun excursion this weekend. Business transactions are favorable, as is enjoying the arts and entertainment.

Mercury conjunct Venus squares Mars that can bring irritable behavior, the critical side of Virgo, or defensiveness about an issue in Dog year. Any passions that surface can help to define your values. Values and integrity are most important in a Dog year.

Luck is strongest for Earth signs Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus and those born in Phoenix (Rooster), Ox, and Snake years.

Happy full Moon,




February 19, 2018 § 2 Comments

DOG YEAR CHARM   bunny charm

What is the best charm for 2018 Dog year? A Rabbit charm!

Dog is most compatible with Dog’s harmony trine of Dog, Tiger & Horse. Rabbit is the one other animal sign who is Dog’s ally outside the harmony trine. So your lucky charm is the animals sign who is the ally not in your harmony trine. Charms can be worn as jewelry, attached to a handbag, worn in your pocket, or placed in your clothing or wallet. You can find a Rabbit charm in the Chinatown in your city, or look online.

Note that a Rabbit charm is not recommended if you were born in Phoenix (Rooster) year because Rabbit is your opposite. And if you have Dragon charms or decorations, especially in your home, put them away this Dog year because Dog is opposite Dragon.


Rat’s ally is Ox so your charm is OX. Your harmony trine is Rat, Dragon, and Monkey.
The charm for Rat year is Ox, but not if you are a Sheep (Goat, Ram) because Ox is your opposite.

Ox’s ally is Rat so your charm is RAT. Your harmony trine is Ox, Snake, and Phoenix (Rooster).
The charm for Ox year is Rat, but not if you are a Horse because Rat is your opposite.

Tiger’s ally is Pig so your charm is PIG. Your harmony trine is Tiger, Horse, and Dog.
The charm for Tiger year is Pig, but not if you are a Snake because Pig is your opposite.

Rabbit’s ally is Dog so your charm is DOG. Your harmony trine is Rabbit, Sheep, and Pig.
The charm for Rabbit year is Dog, but not if you are a Dragon because Dog is your opposite.

Dragon’s ally is Phoenix (Rooster) so your charm is PHOENIX. Your harmony trine is Rat, Dragon, and Monkey.
The charm for Dragon year is Phoenix, but not if you are a Rabbit because Phoenix is your opposite.

Snake’s ally is Monkey so your charm is MONKEY. Your harmony trine is Rat, Dragon, and Monkey.
The charm for Snake year is Monkey, but not if you are a Tiger because Monkey is your opposite.

Horse’s ally is Sheep (Goat, Ram) so your charm is SHEEP. Your harmony trine is Tiger, Horse, and Dog.
The charm for Horse year is Sheep, but not if you are an Ox because Sheep is your opposite.

Sheep’s ally is Horse so your charm is HORSE. Your harmony trine is Rabbit, Sheep, and Pig.
The charm for Sheep year is Horse, but not if you are a Rat because Horse is your opposite.

Monkey’s ally is Snake so your charm is SNAKE. Your harmony trine is Rat, Dragon, and Monkey.
The charm for Monkey year is Snake, but not if you are a Pig because Snake is your opposite.

Phoenix’s ally is Dragon so your charm is DRAGON — but no Dragon in this Dog year! Your harmony trine is Ox, Snake, and Phoenix (Rooster). The charm for Phoenix year is Dragon, but not if you are a Dog because Dragon is your opposite.

Dog’s ally is Rabbit so your charm is RABBIT. Your harmony trine is Tiger, Horse, and Dog.
The charm for Dog year is Rabbit, but not if you are a Phoenix (Rooster) because Rabbit is your opposite.

Pig’s ally is Tiger so your charm is TIGER. Your harmony trine is Rabbit, Sheep, and Pig.
The charm for Pig year is Tiger, but not if you are a Monkey because Tiger is your opposite.

Know that you can have luck this year in Dog without wearing or carrying any charms. A tidy work station can advance your career as much as the finest jade Rabbit charm on your desk. A clean bedroom can strengthen your relationship as much as carrying a Rabbit charm in your handbag.

So to enhance your luck, keep your home and workplace clean and tidy. Then it will be easier to stay balanced and not become overwhelmed, especially at work. Contact me for your feng shui consultation for Dog year.

For more information and details about animal compatibility, see pages 36 through 43 of my book Taoist Astrology.

Wishing you good luck in Dog year,