Leo New Moon, Lucky Trines & Monkey Month

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water monkeyNEW MOON in LEO

Saturday July 26 at 3:42 pm PDT is a New Moon in Leo. This is a very fortunate New Moon. Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are all in magnanimous Fire sign Leo. The influence of Jupiter brings optimism and generosity, and is good for business and commerce. Events can flow more smoothly with less delay and frustration.

More good news is a grand Water trine of Venus in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces. This augers good fortune in romance, and relationships are stable. More trines are Mercury and Venus trine Saturn allowing for relationship goals to be attained. Plus Venus and Mars trine Neptune for added compassion, understanding, and empathy. But Sun and Moon square Mars newly in Scorpio so with the right approach, everyone can win.


This New Moon begins the month of the Water Monkey (black Monkey). Water Monkey is the most sensitive of all Monkeys, and is naturally artistic and creative. It’s Monkey month in Horse year when anything can happen! Monkey month brings new energy and vitality to take a risk, go out on a limb, and try something new. Adventure and travel are highlighted.

New Moon in Leo is lucky for everyone, and is most fortunate for Fire signs Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius and those born in Monkey, Dragon, and Rat years.

Happy New Moon,


July 21 – 27, 2014 The WEEK in CHINESE ASTROLOGY

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chinese_zodiac_wheel_necklace-r156d32f74d804e9196fe716301029978_fkok9_8byvr_512Highlights this week are double Wood Horse Tuesday, double Sheep Wednesday, and New Moon at 3:42 pm PDT on Saturday that begins Water Monkey (black Monkey) month!

Mon July 21 is Water SNAKE day. Moon sextiles Sun and Jupiter for kind connections with others. Moon squares Neptune bringing increased sensitivity to your environment; Snake loves to beautify. Mental activity as Mercury trines Saturn and Neptune, plus Mercury is in a T-square with Pluto and Uranus. Contemplation brings insights on this pensive Water Snake day. Sun conjuncts Jupiter for general good luck. Venus trines Mars for healing in relationships. Snake day luck strong for Snake, Ox, Dragon, and Phoenix (Rooster). Snake hours 9 -1 am.

Tues July 22 is DOUBLE WOOD HORSE day: a Wood Horse day in this Wood Horse year! Can have a breakthrough and cover much ground. But be careful because people can be competitive. Mercury and Venus trine Neptune for clear communication and insights; Horse is a highly instinctive animal. Yet Mars squares Sun and Jupiter so easy to be overly enthusiastic or dream too big. Also easy to overspend. Double Wood Horse day luck strong for Horse, Tiger, Sheep, and Dog. Horse hours 11 am – 1 pm.

Wed July 23 is DOUBLE SHEEP day: a Wood Sheep day in this Metal Sheep month! Venus trines Neptune for compassion, tenderness, and to see the best in others — perfect on a double Sheep day. Moon trines Mars bringing courage to stand up for yourself, and strength of your convictions. Sheep love art so enjoy this evening with a nice meal, a film, and a little romance. Double Sheep day luck strong for Sheep, Rabbit, Horse, and Pig. Sheep hours 1 – 3 pm.

Thurs July 24 is a Fire MONKEY day. Lots of Monkey activity with something for everyone! Moon conjuncts Mercury and Venus to express emotions, engage others, and talk your way to success. But this conjunction is opposite Pluto so best to complete projects as energy winds down to New Moon on Saturday — that begins MONKEY month! Sun conjunct Jupiter continues for good fortune. Moon and Venus trine Neptune for romance and dreams. Monkey day luck strong for Monkey, Rat, Dragon, and Snake. Monkey hours 3 – 5 pm.

Fri July 25 is Fire PHOENIX (Rooster) day. Moon conjunct Mercury curiosity and restlessness is grounded by two trines with Saturn. Can be realistic and practical on Phoenix day. But Moon and Mercury square Uranus bringing a brisk tempo so keep up and stay strong. Don’t get bogged down analyzing emotions. Good to clean house on final day of Sheep month. New Moon tomorrow starts Monkey month. Phoenix day luck strong for Phoenix, Ox, Dragon, and Snake. Phoenix hours 5 – 7 pm.

Sat July 26 is a New Moon at 3:42 pm PDT that begins the month of the Water MONKEY (black Monkey). Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are all in a pack that is made very fortunate by the inclusion of Jupiter. It’s Monkey month in Horse year when anything can happen! Venus, Saturn, and Neptune in a grand trine to start Monkey month with good fortune and luck in romance! But Sun and Moon square Mars so keep chaos limited. Monkey month is luckiest for Monkey, Rat, Dragon, and Snake. Happy New Moon!

Sun July 27 is an Earth PIG day, the fortunate golden Pig. Venus in a grand trine so perfect for social times! Relationships are solid and romance is highlighted. Moon trines Uranus for something different. Uranus squares Mercury, Venus, and Pluto so drive carefully. Be the peacemaker in any conflict. Pig day luck strong for Pig, Tiger, Rabbit, and Sheep. Pig hours 9 – 11 pm.

Good luck and have a great week,



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Saturday July 12 is a Full Moon in Capricorn at 4:25 am PDT. Under the influence of pragmatic, sensible Earth sign Capricorn, it’s best to build on your current foundation while reflecting about work and life direction. Capricorn correlates to the Chinese astrology sign Ox, who is hardworking, dependable, and ethical. Use the enthusiasm of this Wood Horse summer to get the job done. Or perhaps it’s time to change life direction if you don’t want to develop your current work, or if you see that what you are doing will not lead to fulfillment of your goals. Call me at 415.642.8019 or email susan@susanlevitt.com to schedule your Full Moon consultation.


Full Moon, Sun, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto are in cardinal squares. People can can feel uncentered, and frustrated by delays. But don’t let that stop you! This Full Moon is opposite generous Jupiter so energy is high. Plus Venus trines Mars for love, romance, and enjoyment in life. Communication planet Mercury enters sentimental Cancer until August 15. Emotions and imagination trump logic. Fortunately Sun trines Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn, to stay steady and not be completely swayed by feelings. This full Moon is most fortunate for Earth signs Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus and those born in Ox, Phoenix (Rooster), and Snake years.

Happy Full Moon,



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chinese_zodiac_wheel_necklace-r156d32f74d804e9196fe716301029978_fkok9_8byvr_512Highlights this week are double Horse Thursday, double Sheep Friday, and a Full Moon on Monkey Saturday at 4:25 am PDT!

Mon July 7 is Earth RABBIT day, the fortunate golden Rabbit. Moon trines Sun and Neptune for increased Rabbit sensitivity and interest in emotions. But Moon conjuncts Saturn can be a worrier, and Rabbit is naturally pessimistic. If unstable with Sun, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto in a square, Sun trines Saturn to stay with what you know works. Moon trines Mercury and Venus to talk about your feelings. Make this a caring and compassionate Rabbit day, not a time for criticisms. Rabbit day luck strong for Rabbit, Sheep, Dog, and Pig. Rabbit hours 5 – 7 am.

Tues July 8 is Metal DRAGON day, the powerful white Dragon. Sun squares Mars and Uranus, and opposes Pluto, to cause a commotion. Fate is in your hands today about how you chose to behave. Take the high road! Do not react to slights. Mars trines Mercury and Venus so be a lover not a fighter. Easy to go to extremes on a Metal Dragon day. Clear up your clutter instead. Dragon day luck strong for Dragon, Rat, Snake, and Monkey. Dragon hours 7 – 9 am.

Wed July 9 is Metal SNAKE day. Moon trines Uranus to fresh up your environment, shed your skin, and feel free. Moon squares Neptune so more sensitive to your environment. Snake craves beauty and can add flowers, plants, art; whatever you need to create beauty. Mars aspects for social enjoyment this evening but Snake prefers an intimate group not a crowd. Snake day luck strong for Snake, Ox, Dragon, and Phoenix (Rooster).

Thurs July 10 is DOUBLE HORSE day: Water Horse day in this Wood Horse year! Moon is opposite Mercury and Venus so logical thinking trumped by acting on immediate feelings. Could be frustrated by squares so keep moving forward. Stay strong and brave like a Horse! You can slow down tomorrow on double Sheep day. Energy builds to Full Moon on Saturday. Double Horse day luck strong for Horse, Tiger, Sheep, and Dog.

Fri July 11 is DOUBLE SHEEP day: Water Sheep day in this Metal Sheep month! Moon conjunct Pluto can be overwhelmed by feelings. Take care and nurture self and others. Emotions run deep. Not a time for firm plans or rules. Sun squares Mars and Uranus possible irritability, fussiness, or some kind of disruption. Sun conjunct Jupiter helps to learn from life, and for a positive outlook not Sheep pessimism. Energy builds to Full Moon tomorrow. Double Sheep day luck strong for Sheep, Rabbit, Horse, and Pig. Sheep hours 1 – 3 pm.

Sat July 12 is a Full Moon at 4:25 am PDT on Wood MONKEY day. Moon opposite Sun conjunct Jupiter so energy is high, Monkey loves to flirt, and everyone wants to be free! Multiple Mars aspects bring energy for action. Time to go and do. Entertain, get out of town, or innovate what you want on this Monkey day Full Moon. Big squares in the heavens, but don’t let that stop you. Monkey day luck strong for Monkey, Rat, Dragon, and Snake. Monkey hours 3 – 5 pm. Happy Full Moon!

Sun July 13 is Wood PHOENIX (Rooster) day. Continue to bask in the glow of the Full Moon as Venus trines Mars for love, sex, and romance. Give up the fight and make love not war. Mercury trines Neptune for creative imagination and good ideas. A nice day to just relax, or cut loose and not worry or plan. Phoenix day luck strong for Phoenix, Ox, Dragon, and Snake. Phoenix hours 5 – 7 pm.

Good luck and have a great week,



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chinese_zodiac_wheel_necklace-r156d32f74d804e9196fe716301029978_fkok9_8byvr_512June 30 – July 6, 2014 THE WEEK IN CHINESE ASTROLOGY

Highlights this week are communication planet Mercury goes direct on Tuesday (no longer retrograde), and a romance-filled weekend!

Mon June 30 is a Water MONKEY (black Monkey) day when anything can happen! Moon trines Uranus for a new routine, and Moon sextiles Mars for added energy and vitality. Sun trines Neptune to follow instincts and intuition. Plus good Mercury aspects for communication. But Moon squares Saturn, can feel lonely and blue. So keep yourself occupied on a Monkey day. Monkey day luck strong for Monkey, Rat, Dragon, and Snake. Monkey hours 3 – 5 pm.

Tues July 1 is a Water PHOENIX (Rooster) day when communication planet Mercury goes direct after a three week retrograde. Communication will be easier now as Moon sextiles Mercury, and Mercury trines Mars. Sun trines Neptune and Saturn to start July with good luck. Sun also squares Uranus and is opposite Pluto so watch details and be thorough on a Phoenix day. Phoenix day luck strong for Phoenix, Ox, Dragon, and Snake. Phoenix hours 5 – 7 pm.

Wed July 2 is a Wood DOG day. Dog days are fortunate in a Horse year. Moon, Venus and Neptune in a T-square so honesty and integrity are key in relationships. Deception can be exposed. Many lunar aspects so emotions are important, including Moon trine Pluto for depth of feelings. Dog day luck strong for Dog, Rabbit, Tiger, and Horse. Dog hours 7 – 9 pm.

Thurs July 3 is a Wood PIG day. Pig day is fortunate in this Sheep month. Moon squares Mercury when emotions override rational thought. Follow romantic feelings and appreciate partnerships. Venus squares Neptune so can be unrealistic with loved ones, or just see the best. Some big squares with outer planets so not a day to solve all problems. Pig day luck strong for Pig, Tiger, Rabbit, and Sheep. Pig hours 9 – 11 pm.

Fri July 4 is a clever Fire RAT (red Rat) day that can be challenging. Sun opposite Pluto reaches a peak for power struggles with authority, maybe resulting in a new life direction. Sun also squares Uranus so easy to get upset. Instead of mulling over problems, enjoy fireworks on a Fire Rat day. Be social; Rat loves the pack. Mercury and Venus trine Mars for outdoor activities and good camaraderie. Sun trines Saturn to stay steady. Rat day luck strong for Rat, Ox, Dragon, and Monkey. Rat hours 11 pm – 1 am.

Sat July 5 is a Fire OX day and waxing half Moon, a time for balance. Sun, Moon, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto in a big square with many aspects to Mars. Use this Martian energy to stay strong. Good for athletic activity or a trip out of town. Just drive carefully and not be accident prone. Mercury and Venus trine Mars for some romance and enjoyment of life. Ox day luck strong for Ox, Rat, Snake, and Phoenix (Rooster). Ox hours 1 am – 3 am.

Sun July 6 is an Earth TIGER (yellow Tiger) day. Tiger days are fortune in a Horse year. Moon trines Mercury and squares Jupiter — reason enough for a party on a Tiger day! Venus sextiles Uranus for new friends and exciting adventures. But Moon conjuncts Mars so watch that Tiger temper. Sun still in a big square so don’t become frustrated by delays. They’ll clear up fast in Horse year. Tiger day luck is strong for Tiger, Dog, Horse, and Pig. Tiger hours 3 am – 5 am.

Good luck and have a great week,


Cancer New Moon Begins Metal Sheep Month

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Friday June 27, 2014 at 1:08 am PDT is a new Moon in Cancer. Cancer is a nurturing Water sign. Good fortune arrives with a grand Water trine of new Moon in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces. There is an easier flow of balanced creative imagination, plus increased empathy and sensitivity. You can experience a new understanding of your world and those around you. Time to put your wisdom into practice.


This new Moon starts the month of the Metal Sheep. Sheep are artistic souls who cherish beauty and value the finer things in life. The element Metal exemplifies a clean, uncluttered environment in feng shui. Under the influence of artistic Sheep, you can create a beautiful home environment. Know you can call me at 415.642.8019 or email susan@susanlevitt.com for a feng shui, tarot, and astrology consultation for Sheep month.

The Sun and Moon are opposite Pluto so emotions can be profound. But intense encounters are diffused by the gentle nature of kind Sheep. Sheep month is naturally lucky in a Horse year because Sheep and Horse are highly compatible. Anticipate a pleasant July when the gentle approach brings rewards. Mercury is still retrograde in Gemini until July 1 so lighten up your communications to others. This new Moon brings luck for all and is easiest for Water signs Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio and those born in Sheep, Pig, Rabbit, and Horse years.

Happy new Moon,


The Second Half of Horse Year 2014

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Happy Horse 2014Wood Horse year 2014 is half over. But lucky Horse year continues to bring opportunities to get up and go! There’s still plenty of time to take risks, explore new pathways, and open new doors. Horse year is superb for travel so finally take that adventure!

Freedom is key in Horse year. So if you don’t like the road ahead, you can quickly change direction. You don’t have to follow plans made in Snake year 2013. Like a Horse, suddenly turn and not look back. Improvise the rules because Horse is a free spirit who refuses to be tamed or corralled.

During the first half of Horse year, you found out fast what works and what does not work. If on a strong path, keep up the pace and enjoy the ride. Your good luck will continue throughout this Horse year. If Horse year energy is not to your liking, you can still change. It’s not too late. There’s still plenty of time.

If you prefer to watch the Horse race from the sidelines, comply with your group and don’t complain. Use Horse’s strong energy to be athletic and physical. Life will calm down for you in gentler Sheep year 2015.

In general, Horse year energy slows down after Summer Solstice. (On June 21 in 2014.) But this is an active Wood Horse year so energy remains lively all year long. Wood loves growth and expansion, like a plant seeking light and water. Feel free to contact me at susan@susanlevitt.com or call 415.642.8019 for your mid-Horse year check in!

Rat: Rat and Horse are exact opposites! You think and plan whereas Horse thrives on risk. But fortune is on your side because 2014 is a Wood year. You Rat appreciate the action, growth, and opportunities of go-getter Wood.

Ox: For the second half of Horse year, lighten your load and have some fun! Be social and don’t work so hard. Travel is highlighted so venture out and try something new. Winter is your luckiest time.

Tiger: Horse is your best buddy. So far so good in Horse year. Keep up with all your new friends and social circles! Everyone loves the Tiger now, especially at holiday parties this year.

Rabbit: All of Horse year is lucky for you to open new doors. Just don’t get too serious or rely on firm plans. Instead, enjoy the festive and social aspects of Horse. You can look forward a very fortunate Sheep year 2015.

Dragon: Both you and Horse are very strong, but Horse wins in Horse year. So give up any personal battles. Find allies, and let go of past grudges. Create your own group where you can emerge the leader!

Snake: Your good fortune continues throughout Horse year. The strength and speed of Horse help push you forward. OK to take time to refresh and restore when needed. But don’t hibernate this winter. Be social.

Horse: Stay strong and continue to pursue your goals. Doors open when you follow your Horse instincts. You can create what you want to be free and independent. Travel is highlighted this autumn and winter.

Sheep: Horse and Sheep are highly compatible. Horse year continues to be lively, creative, and successful for you Sheep. And next year Wood Sheep 2015 will be even luckier! If not feeling the luck, lighten up and enjoy in the spirit of fun-loving Horse.

Monkey: Horse year so far brought both good and bad. Chase the good, and quit the bad! Both Horse and Monkey thrive on change, and are easily bored. So OK to change direction at any time, and try new risks. Autumn brings luck for you Monkey.

Phoenix (Rooster): Horse year should be fun and sexy for you. If not, get the party started! You and Horse are very compatible so you can have sudden luck at any time. Opportunities continue for you throughout Horse year.

Dog: Every day can bring luck in this Horse year! Horse is your best friend in the Chinese zodiac so things just work out in your favor. Horse year ends in triumph for you Dog! Just maintain your pace during the coolness of autumn.

Pig: Both Pig and Horse love a good party. Any time is the best time for a celebration. So really enjoy holiday entertaining this year. You are strong and sturdy enough to keep up with all of Horse year energy. And next year Sheep 2015 is even better!

Happy Horse year,



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